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Jay "Zeebarf" Ziebarth

Many Darwin Awards illustrations are the work of Jay, our handsome and talented cartoonist and award-winning designer. He created of the animated Canadian TV show, Sons of Butcher, combining rock and roll with earthy humor. Jay's art is also featured in the book, The Darwin Awards III: Survival of the Fittest. Click any thumbnail image to link to the story and see his work in its full glory. You can see more Zeebarf art on his website.

"If all else fails, immortality can always be assured
by spectacular error." Galbraith

Jay illustrated the 2002 Calendar, and the Miniature volume, Descent of Man.

What Readers Think

Zeebarf you know I love your work! I'm looking forward to seeing your most recent four or five illustrations up here. Expecially Lawn Chair Larry, and the Raccoon Rocket guy. -Wendy
Wendy - Wednesday, June 12 at 14:42:33 PDT
You have a really good grasp at capturing the stupidity of people in cartoon format. Keep it up. I'm sure the supply of stupid people will never let up.
Christos - Monday, June 17 at 19:26:49 PDT
I love Peeper Plummets or Convict Interuptus. Maybe you should think about illustrating Killer Whale Rodeo.
Shannon - Friday, June 21 at 13:57:28 PDT
Listen, man. I just wanted to thatnk you for all the wonderful things you've done. Not only do you enjoy what you do, but it was your comics that helped me through the tragic deaths of my four close friends and my pet hamster. YOU ROCK< MAN!
Jon - Wednesday, August 14 at 20:03:17 PDT
On a serious note, the quality of your art is super, wish I could draw like that, but even if I could maybe the Idaes would no come. Keep it up
David - Monday, September 09 at 09:05:40 PDT
Brilliant! The only problem I see is that your artwork makes most of these idiots look too pleased with their stupidity and its results.
Faye - Saturday, October 05 at 14:43:15 PDT
Your work is outstanding. I received a poster of your art for christmas one year. Yeah the funnything was that the first one you sent it was damaged in the shipping, so you had to send him a new one. I now feature it on the wall of my dorm room. Thanks for always making me smile. Never stop the power of expression. Hope that I hear from you. I am a big fan.
Brett - Monday, October 07 at 15:25:15 PDT
Yo, Your website rules, I've plastered your pic's to my door. My mom saw them the other day and split a gut, 5 miniutes later my whole family was standing in front of my door laughing their asses off. Thanks for the pic's, keep rockin'!
Danyell Smith - Sunday, October 27 at 09:52:49 PST
I love your artwork! You must have a ton of fun portraying the dumbest of the dumb :)
Michele - Monday, December 23 at 15:27:41 PST
Zeebarf- what you do to these stupid idiots is vicious, which makes it all the more funny. Carry on. People like these deserve to be made fun of.
Bernie - Tuesday, January 07 at 20:48:13 PST
Wow, cute and talented.
Samantha - Thursday, January 23 at 17:13:28 PST
Z! I've subscribed for a long time, even supported you by purchasing a cap & t-shirt. Keep up the unique art!
Verne - Monday, February 03 at 14:33:39 PST
Jay, Would you give me permission to use your illustration of Larry Walters and his baloon advintures of 1982? I will be showing it as part of a sermon illustration to our congregation.
s wood - Thursday, February 27 at 20:03:34 PST
LMAO! this stuff is great! you could start a web comic or something cause you got a lotta talent man! =)
Silent Bob - Thursday, February 27 at 20:04:29 PST
Hi Zeebarf, keep it up. Your humor on my coffee mug keeps on breaking them up. Later dude
chuck garner - Thursday, February 27 at 20:06:20 PST
Your depictions are just wonderful, tasteful yet suitably tacky enough to express to the public the true scope of the favor done for us by these stellar examples of "homo-sap."
Mike - Tuesday, March 04 at 12:05:04 PST
I love your artwork and flash animations. It must be a lot of fun doing what you do.
Chris - Wednesday, March 05 at 10:12:40 PST
Dude. I very much wish I could afford to buy something from you, as supporting cute and talented artists is nothing new to me. From one cute arteest to another, you rock.
Snow - Monday, March 17 at 08:53:13 PST
This is just hilarious! You're a great cartoonist, and the things you choose to put up here are awesome. I'm still laughing, and I finished all of the comics about six minutes ago. All I can say is.. LMAO!
StarFox - Sunday, April 13 at 21:43:22 PDT
Hey Zee..I happen to be an upcoming cartoonist. I just discovered my talent recently and hope to brush up and get better...U are an inspiration, your stuff is the BOMB and is in line with what I like scripting, and I would really love to stay very connected to u so I could learn from ur stuff...Since I dont attend any shool for cartooning, I just study the works of guys like u and learn from them... Would be happy if u could holla back and fill me in... YOUR STUFF IS OFF THE HOOK!!
Afronuts - Tuesday, April 15 at 23:23:03 PDT
Pretty sweet cartoons. My 6yr old loved them.
Donetta Andrews - Friday, April 18 at 08:51:11 PDT
You know, some of it's just right on the money and some of it's just sick. But, you are fine to look at. Your mom must be proud. :)~
lyn - Saturday, May 10 at 15:35:17 PDT
Zeebarf, great work! Now can you draw a picture of the guy who lost his manhood because he used to shove a tire pressure gadge up his penis?
Wondering - Friday, May 16 at 11:53:29 PDT
Your artwork gives the subjects the credability in death that they could never achieve in life!
Peter - Thursday, June 26 at 03:23:37 PDT
Oh my God, your work is awesome. All of this is halarious, and of course, your site rules too! And I'll never get tired with your Flash work (Via Newgrounds.com, sorry if you guys don't want me publisizing the site..) I look foreward to seeing constant new things from you, in whatever acts of cartooning you're going to do. Go Jay!!
Your Friendly Town Stalker - Saturday, June 28 at 19:41:54 PDT
Zeebarf you are the coolest of them all. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the new book. Take care and peeace out
Barb - Saturday, July 12 at 17:31:29 PDT
Can you draw more people with mullets. Everything is funnier if there is a moron with a mullet in the picture.
Hugh G. Rection - Monday, July 28 at 13:23:39 PDT
Hello Jay, I wanted to say Hello to you and that your art work rocks. Oh yeah and that I think you are sexy as all hell!!!
Diane - Sunday, August 17 at 22:57:07 PDT
The guy trapped under the coke machine STILL cracks me up everytime I see it! LOL! =)
Robb - Wednesday, September 03 at 14:39:32 PDT
Hey Zeebarf, You have a great nack of lighting up some of this funny stuff to a large degree. Keep up the good work mate. A Kiwi.
Bob Roper - Wednesday, September 17 at 00:01:17 PDT
Zeebarf, you do the best art of cartoonishly gruesome deaths I have ever seen. Yes, that's a compliment. Keep drawing.
Martin - Thursday, September 25 at 11:44:13 PDT
Wow i've never seen anyone draw like that, wow!!!! i'm a very hard person to impress, and i'm impressed!!! By, Raquel
Raquel Santos - Friday, September 26 at 07:56:19 PDT
In the picture of Jay is he giving us the "shocker"? Why not just flip us off or put his tongue between two of his fingers and wiggle it at us? Geeze!
Alison - Saturday, December 13 at 00:33:59 PST
Funny stuff, dude... Really funny. And very professional if I do say so myself. I'm no cartoonist, but from what I see, your show is gonna be the next step in evolution of modern animation.
Seth - Sunday, December 14 at 09:06:08 PST
This calls for a captios copetition!!!!
Wibo - Tuesday, December 16 at 20:02:44 PST
Wow- anther Jay in the world. Great illustrations, they really seem to fit the stories perfect.
Jay - Friday, December 26 at 18:26:29 PST
Wow.Im amaised!Did you take any art classes?Nice detail too!Im a near proffecinal artist,well cartoonist as you might say.Where do you get your inspireation?((yes im asking questions like a stalker@^_^@))
Blane - Thursday, January 01 at 11:56:21 PST
No cartoon is funny unless there is an element of truth in it. Yours crack me up! And, I'm 65.
Timothy Dorgan - Thursday, January 01 at 18:23:44 PST
Hi! Great storys, silly illustrations and great fun! I love this website! And you'll find many silly people like me!
Sigi - Thursday, January 08 at 12:34:28 PST
discovery of the darwin webpage by the suggestion of a co worker led me here and seeing illustrations of "random stupidity" makes viewing and reading a very awsome experiance...kudos to you for capturing ppl in their finest moment...awesome work
Andrew - Monday, January 26 at 21:34:35 PST
i love your art, it is so fun to look at.!!
rose miller - Monday, January 26 at 21:38:57 PST
Hi Zeebarf i like your name can you please send me all the pictures you have made for the darwinawards.com? and can you please send them all as seperate e-mails? Yours truly Colonal Chaos
Colonal Chaos - Monday, February 02 at 18:30:22 PST
Hi Jay! I love your work! You can really capture the humor of the situation plus add in great special effects! The guy with his head blown off was great! Drop me a line some time and I'll be you internet groupie! ;) Zeebarf makes me nervous with the dynamite stick LOL but Hi Zeebarf!
Jennifer - Thursday, February 12 at 09:17:39 PST
Very fine, you could do a strip for the papers illustrating remarkable ways to self edit oneself out of the gene pool. syndicate it, you'll rake in the cash. Talki it over with the folk at Darwin awards, it could be a winner to team up in the effort.
Kirk Bailey - Tuesday, February 24 at 09:22:55 PST
I noticed your art often deplicts hillbillies but Garsh- dang it I cant find my me-ma (>_<) and that thar makes me a sad critter.(crying in lonlieness) I sure do miss my big fat ma. well I guess I'll see Y'all later I'ma go pluck my chickens...........
Steve-O - Saturday, April 10 at 02:49:38 PDT
One Word. DISORDERLY. You are the something that rocks.
Terrathus - Wednesday, April 21 at 16:08:48 PDT
You seem quite the talented drawer r u really missing a finger in your photo if so, how did it happen dude, could the finger incident win u the award!!
bret - Saturday, July 10 at 05:16:11 PDT
I like your work , just make it little more gory okay?
ryan - Wednesday, August 04 at 05:17:19 PDT
I really like it. Very creative and colorful.
John Deer - Thursday, September 09 at 13:08:59 PDT
I played Dosorderly and Sagway. I saw all your toons. This is some seriously funny stuff, I have this bokmarked. Make more!!!
Andrey - Friday, September 24 at 23:02:11 PDT
Very Nice! Would you ever be willing to do a drawing for the Enlisted folks @ Ellsworth Airforce Base? If so....the theme would be for the 28th Communications squadron. We fix Radio equipment and work with High voltages. Many times have we tested High Voltage Terminals by touching them with various Body Parts.....that's 28th Comm Squadron,Ellsworth Airforce Base, forward to Rebbe03@yahoo.com Thanks for consideration, from all the Darwin Award nominees in todays military.
Neonix - Thursday, October 21 at 15:19:05 PDT

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