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2001 Urban Legends
The following stories are apocryphal. They are included on the Darwin Awards website because they are inspirational narratives of the astounding efforts of legendary Darwin Awards contenders. Next

The Smoking Gun
2001 Urban Legend

Darwin says, "I was hoodwinked! That this is an urban legend became apparent when Jessica from Mythbusters called in 2008, looking for sources. Previously 'Confirmed by Darwin' but now the URLs are 404s (missing.) I found some of them on the Wayback Machine, with suspicious URLs like ''. Nope, this one is an Urban Legend, bogus, fake, false.
Darwin says, "Wait! Maybe I wasn't hoodwinked! January 2010 an email arrives from a family friend, who was concerned that other people might be injured if they thought this was an Urban Legend. He or she named names, sent phone numbers, facebook pages, and insisted seven ways from Sunday that it's true. Provided with actual names, I was able to unearth media sources. This news page indicates that manslaughter charges were filed, and this random page says the shooter was sentenced to 18 months.

If this story is true (and it's looking likely, again) then the fact that someone was jailed for the shooting requires some scrutiny. Ordinarily you must earn your own Darwin Award, and a jailed shooter argues that it was his fault. However, "Assistant Prosecutor J. David Meyer said Wesley Geisinger, 31, was a willing participant in the prank that killed him." Darwin Award or no...? Hmm.

Confused? Read this Discussion, in the Philosophy Forum.

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(11 February 2001, New Jersey) Two drunks were goofing around, when one challenged the other to shoot him with cigarette butts "to see what it would feel like." His friend obligingly loaded an antique rifle with cigarette butts, placing black powder behind the butts to make sure they left the barrel of the gun. He then shot his friend from a distance of seven feet. The projectiles penetrated the ribcage of the thirty-one-year-old who had issued the challenge, and he died of three cigarette butts to the heart.

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Submitted by: Lynn
Reference: WMAD 92.1 Madison, Wisconsin, ABC News, The Associated Press

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