Happy PRIDE Month!

SAY GAY: In honor of Pride Month we @ Darwin Awards would like to celebrate the rich tapestry of human sexuality and gender identity, while imagining a world where everyone can live as their true selves, a day when every gay and queer and trans person can life of joy without fear. (Reference) (The White House)

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LGBTQIA+ Darwin Awards Winners

We have no info on LGBTQIA Darwin Awards winners. A glimmer of evidence the colorful community is not as foolish as the rest of the herd? Could be! But really? If you spot a Darwin Award on this site—or not yet on this site—that needs a queer badge, contact Ms.Darwin via a comment here—or—submit a nomination here.

Listen Beautiful Reader, The "dominant paradigm" makes no sense in so many ways. I deeply regret the pain the PRIDE community has experienced and will experience until we live in a sane and respectful community. I am so glad you are here—Ms.Wendy