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Darwin Awards
Darwin Awards

The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of   
the human genome by honoring those who   
accidentally remove themselves from it...

450+ Darwin Awards! Start anywhere, and use the Prev/Next navigation on each page.

2018 The Missionary Position Wacky Welder Karmic Schadenfreude Mind The Cone Zone Abu Hamam Reticulated Python A Gun Named 'Lorena' Road-Rage-Aholic GEOcaching Out! Darwin Award Shorts - Old Folks Reunion Booze Cruise Loser Killer Whalebone Woo, Pursue, Head Flew Male Mammoth Morons Bag-atelle   2017 Red Evolution Steamy Buns Snapchat Prat Backseat Drivers Let There Be Light! #ElephantsWantPrivacy Golf Cart + Garden Hose One Way Ticket Air Strike Out Pistol Of Justice Flat Hatting Pilots 503 Server Overload Grim Roofer   2016 Soaked To The Bone In Yellowstone Masturbator Meets Hard End iPhone Shocker Her Sleep Number Was Up   2015 Case Of The Charred Crook Zap!titude Gasping For Votes   2014 Sports Training The Thing Ring La Petite Mort Resurrection FAIL Man Customizes Car Ignition Sequence To His Peril Crispy Copper Fries Selfie With Elephant Anchorman Delhi Sandwich Race To The Death Pool Party Boogie Board Blunder Banana Bandido   2013 The Doors Some Finnish Ecco L'allegro Saldatore Newcastle Icicle   2012 Smokin' Hot Sauce! Vodka Blues Jack-In-The-Bus   2011 Motorcycle Helmet Law, ex-Protestor Story Hotter Copper Whopper Wedding Jitters   2010 Angry Wheelchair Man Textbook Double Double Darwin Glacier Erasure Barrel Ride, With Flames! The Burdens Of Our Fathers Reckless Spending Teeming With Crocodiles Ride 'Em Cowgirl Tiny Elec Fence Carbideschieten   2009 Sparkleberry Lane Muffled Explosion Mock Death Dying To Go A Shoe-In Winner Crushing Debt Tennessee Pee Race To The Bottooommm Painkiller Doublemint Dumb Double Dip She Talks Faster Than She Walks Saw It Coming! Dynamite Rancher Poor Decision On A Major Scale Wetting the Bed Missed (But Not Missed By) The Bus Epitaph, She Liked Feathers Fool's Gold Bricks in the Head Double Parking Nutty Putty Cave   2008 Santa Ignorância Story Rub the Mint A One Track Mind An Illuminating Story Pining Away Wascally Wabbit Thou Shalt Not Steel Merry Pranksters Pierced! Boner! Chemistry Went To Her Head On the Piste Not a Shred of Sense Clotheslined! Early Retirement Plan Pillar Of Strength Not Fast Enough Food Going to Seed Slippery When Wet A Screw Loose Low Flying Drunks Into the Abyss Wheel Of Fortune Shopping Cart Crash Killer Fuel Economy Organ Donors   2007 Crutch, Meet Crotch The Enema Within Pushmi-Pullyu Falling in Love Support Group Weight Lift A Cow-ardly Death Beer for Bears Stop. Look. Listen. Whac-A-Mole A Prop-er Sendoff Oil Tank Trampoline Elephants Press Back Ditched The Alchemist Barn Razing Electronic Fireworks Timing is Everything Descent of Man Sky Surfer The Laptop Still Works! Fatal a-Traction Breathless Four Great Ideas Fatal Foaming Action   2006 Modern Armor Sudden Stop The Human Bottle Rocket Hammer of Doom Stubbed Out A Slow Burn Score One For Goliath High on Life Faithful Flotation Copper Kite String Rolling Stones Rock Out Crushing De"feet" Footloose in the Footwell   2005 Kittie Toy Chimney-Cleaning Grenade Freeway Dangler Elephant Tail Failed Frame-Up 'Plug Me In' Surprise Attack Surprise Wales Wins What I Can Still Do Mining for Elephants Rocketing to Glory The Nuisance of Seatbelts Crane Your Neck Tide Waits For No Man Off-Road Driving Death Valley Daze All Wound Up Heck on Wheels   2004 Rutting Contest Spy vs. Self Man Drowns in Kitchen Sink 4-1-0 Club Do-It-Yourself Landmine Speed Demon Bannister to Heaven Watch Out for That Tree! Hold That Bus! Right Over the Dam "Who Wants Summa This?" Aim to Win Terminal Creativity Tree vs. Man Cold Call Chicken to Go The Army's a Blast Homemade Wine Damned if You Do... Dope on a Rope Flying Dutchman Tunnel Vision Lava Lamp Snake Man Daring Feet Amateur Bomb Inspector Closer Look at Victoria Falls   2003 Unsafe and Insane Ultimate Quest for Airtime Dying for a Ciggie Workin' at the Car Wash Love Struck Slaughterhouse Robbery Second Time's the Charm Jack Up ZAP! Hurricane Blumpkin Pancake Thief A Honey of a Buzz Killer Shades Exploding Ex-tortionist Sharp Landing Tree Hard, Head Empty Master Welder Shooting Blanks Asphalt Tattoo Self-Demolition Derby   2002 Shoot 'em Off Faulty Aim Fatal Firecracker Chainsaw Massacre What's That Sound? Tied Off Human Torch Wounded Wire Bites Back Bees 1, Humans 0 Wrong and Wronger Border Crossing Chainsaw Insurance Slip Sliding Away Return to Trees Fails The Worm Has Turned Sneakers Caveat Emptor Saw a Grenade Rocket Tester Truck Stop Romanian Trains Jet Taxi Losing Face Booby Traps Trap Boob Well-Trained I Can't Swim! Fir Tree Trimmer Daredevil Blowhole A Rocky Roll Mechanic Mayhem Depth of a Fisherman   2001 The Dumb Tax? BulletProof The Unkindest Cut Crystal Daze Blown Away Fifteen Minutes of Flame Rubbish! Think Before You Leap Killing Time Library Return Story Pig Jig Sweet Release Snowball's Chance in Hell Ants' Revenge Roadkill Coke Is It! Thirst for Death Dodging Drink Dues Path of Least Resistance Fishing With No Compass God Saves? Jet Ski Spree Scooter Snuff Grenade Juggler Ethanol Schmethanol Slow Learner Sheep Sleep Precarious Perch Bass Ackwards Skeleton Key Enraged Elephant   2000 Shorties-Stupid Human Tricks Gun Safety Training Jumping Jack Cash The Daily Grind Fireworks Fiasco Niagara Falls Home Grown Chute Come On In! Human Popsicle Stab in the Dark Fast Food Fatality Forklift Safety Video Sand Surfing Shocking Fall Crappy Driving Award Do It Yourself, Do Yourself In Father Knows Best Testing Faith What's That Ringing? William Tell Overture Chute Boy Human Hitching Post Out With a Bang! Ostrich Safety Settle the Score Rappin' on Heaven's Door Short & Sweet Circular Reasoning Baby Drives Me Crazy Two Avalanche Alaskan 3 Clowns on Scooter Fantastic Plastic Lover Elevator Wedgie Hornet Challenge High on Grass Running of the Bulls Hardheads Stoned Sleep Polar Bear Swim Can Duck Shooters Swim? Kiss of Death Duct Tape Perilous Pose Tired of it All A Fell Death Throwing Stones Moscow Marauder Concrete Cylinder Roll Power Punch Proves Fatal   1999 Living on Zionist Time Fatal Footsie Gone Fishin' Hurricane News Junkie Darwin Awards Shorts Copper Caper Up In Smoke Dead Spitter Sink the Cue Ball Burmese Python The Bumbershoot Smarter Animals Firefighters Ignite! Winner Gets a Post Mortem Go Speed Racer Go Flames of Passion Roller-Coaster Peeper Plummets Intelligence Blunders Walking on Water Shell Shot Dum Dum Boutique Snake Charmer? Lights Out Laughing Gas What's New Pussycat? Maine Chainsaw Romance Yosemite Hiker Breatharianism Rob Your Neighbor Resistance is Futile Love Crushed Sex Good Trumps Evil at Church Wet Will He Power of Satan? Sex and Suffocation Mental Eclipse Liposuction Tragedy Hard Work Rewards Wild Animal Lesson Stay With the Herd! Ur-inate-iot Yosemite Parachute Safety Fatal Footwear Fashion Wiped Out Killer Whale Rodeo That Sinking Feeling Avoiding a Fight Show Off Sleepfalling Poisonous Pets Sauna Kills Monk Silenced by the Lambs Paragliding vs. Parasailing   1998 Ski Theft Backfires Hanging Around Jail Guy Gulps Goldfish Modus Operandi Misfires Halloween Pumpkin Award Don't Drink and Fly Dynamite and Boats Don't Mix Sequined Pastie Passionate Plunge Dive to Death Igniting Fireworks the Easy Way Wife Tossing in Buenos Aires Never Too Old for a Darwin Award Basketball Player Takes a Dunking Don't Chute the Messenger   1997 Out of their Heads Bungee Jumper I'm A Man, I Can Handle It No Bike Lane at the Airport Escaping Conviction Privacy on the Beach Man Slices Off Penis Poor Driving Runs in the Family Fatal Flasher Clumsy Canadian Burglar Tunnels of Doom   1996 Macho Men? Lawyer Aloft Cigarette Lighter Triggers Fatal Explosion Playing with Cats Hungry Python Kills Owner Speed Shunting Set the Parking Brake, Stupid! One For the Birds   1995 JATO Rocket Car Caught in the Auger Count Your Chickens Repairs on the Road Whitewater Floaters Electrifying Stunt FishMan   Older Sizzling Scaffolding Auto Blotto Convince the Jury Where's the Shoot? Where's the Chute? Historical Darwins Mortal Insult Tired Ammo Bottom of the Barrel Absolutely Radiant Risky Reenactment Conquering the Arch Tightlacing Cactus Crunch Train of Thought Catapult to Glory Short Circuit A Breathtaking View Mile-High Club Failure Kung Fu Lion Military Intelligence Antlers Ahoy! "Hazard Befell Him" Guitars 'n' Guns Dry Spell Junk Food Junkie Electric Bathtub Blues Samurai Astronomer Freefall Physics Lesson Gunpowder-Guy Fawkes Wrong Time, Wrong Place Priapism Takes a Penis In A Pig's Eye Midnight Special Pancake Pantry Thief Fish Gag Hurricane Hangover Deadly Reading Habits Murderous Affair Death of Dracula

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