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Man dies after ingesting caffeine p

A man in Wales died after ingesting an amount of caffeine powder equivalent to as many as 200 cups of coffee.

Tom Mansfield, 29, a personal trainer and father of two, died from caffeine toxicity in January 2021, officials confirmed last week, the BBC reported.

Mansfield was trying to weigh a dose of the powder within a range of 60 milligrams to 300 milligrams. But he was using a scale that had a weighing range of 2 grams to 5,000 grams.

After consuming the powder, Mansfield started holding his chest and said his heart was beating fast. After lying down, he began foaming at the mouth, the BBC reported. His wife, identified as Suzannah, called paramedics, who were not able to resuscitate him.

Published March 7, 2022

Submitted on 03/07/2022

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Submitted by: GlennW

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Bruce said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
Trying to measure out milligrams with a scale whose range starts at 2 grams is pretty foolish if you're not dealing with something potentially toxic. It's downright foolish if you are. Thanks, Glenn!

Candi said:
Definitely Toss: Already in the archive!
Sorry, Glenn, we've already received this one. Thanks anyway.

Tracy said:
Definitely Toss: Already in the archive!
Thanks, but we have this story already

Darwin said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
Doomed To Eternal Jitters? I think this might be a winner! Caffeine was an OPEN QUESTION on our Facebook page, 2017 MENTIONED tangentially on our website But I can't find a Darwin Award about it -- I think previously the caffeine amounts consumed were much lower, and not so stupidly weighed. YES Let's Consider This Nominee!