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You spotted a Darwin Award! Natural selection in action, the stuff of legends. Yea! Fill out our form below, offer him/her/they to the hairy eyeballs of our thinky volunteer moderators. Remember, Daily Mail and Daily Star are not reliable news sources--instead seek a local news source for the incident.

Moderators see it all, and they want unique. They want flavor and accuracy.

RULES: Reproduction, Excellence, Self-Selection, Maturity, Veracity.
Out of the gene pool, through an astounding misapplication
of the individual's own judgment, that individual being capable of
mature decisions, and that event being verifiably true.

A near-miss is OK for our Honorable Mention category.
Urban Legends Are Welcome At to Snopes.com.


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Ready to make your Nominee famous?
Write it up!  Even better than an exact copy of the news report!  The creative reader is encouraged to take a stab (heh heh) at writing the story in faultless wry prose.  Roll up your sleeves, warm a beverage, and spend time describing the nomination.

Your insights help me write a better story.  And Slush Pile readers especially appreciate submissions that are rewritten to highlight the evolutionary aspect.

Extract relevant details from the source (and your memory) and explain the circumstances in full Darwinian glory.  A man may fall into a pit of raw sewage, but it's up to you to point out that he was juggling beers on a catwalk over the tank.

Once your nomination is submitted, it will be reviewed by a panel of volunteer moderators who will either promote it to the Slush Pile or explain why they didn't. Once it's in the Slush Pile, its popularity is gauged by reader votes. Eventually I winnow out the "fittest" Slush Pile contributions to write into Darwin Awards and add to the permanent archive.

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