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Over an open drawbridge

July 27, Wednesday, 2022, a port town of Lithuania, Klaipeda (also known as Memel). Preparation works for the upcoming city "Sea festival" take place. Along the oldtown there are two drawbridges over the river which must run the tech check up before the festival begins - they'll be lifted up for the ships parade. The test began between 27th and 28th July, at midnight when the traffic is less. They closed the road barrier gates, the bar is long enough to close the whole road; and turned on the warning traffic lights which are installed before the bridge, signaling drivers that the bridge is closed; plus other traffic signs in place. Normally, drivers just turn around and go other ways, but one driver of "VW Taigo" decided that jumping over the open bridge might be a great challenge for his SUV crossover. Witness report says, the driver stopped next to the open bridge and hesitated at first, but soon after he would floor the gas pedal. The jump was straight down vertical rather than any horizontal. Around 12:45 AM the car was reported to be at the bottom of the river together with the man driving it. He was a 30-year-old American NATO soldier serving in Latvia, during these days they had an international military practice in Klaipeda region - operations are taking place at the seaside and by the river too, perhaps this event was an army order. It was a rental car from Latvia. The case is now classified by the military police investigation unit and further details are unknown. Who's paying for the rental car damage?

Submitted on 07/28/2022


2022.07.27 12:45 AM local newspaper
Submitted by: Vytautas Milkeraitis

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Bruce said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
Unbelievable that anybody would think this is a good idea. Thanks, Vytautas!

Tracy said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
Brilliant - thanks for the story!