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Out of air, but not really

Location: Tioman, Malaysia Date: June, 2022

A group of 4 leisure divers, including their divemaster were found guilty of absolute neglect and courting disaster, when they jumped into the water without having conducted the necessary pre-dive checks.

As it turns out, every single last one of them had forgotten to turn on their air tanks, and found out only when they had begun their descent (and let air out of their buoyancy compensation devices, meaning they were sinking).

3 of them, one of whom the victim's boyfriend, managed to flail their way to the surface, whilst having to tragically witness the last of their group drown before their very eyes, sinking to the murky depths.

Marine police later retrieved the body, which ironically still had a very full tank of air on her back.

Submitted on 06/20/2022


Unreported in official media to avoid fear mongering and put a dent in the tourism industry in Malaysia.
Submitted by: Joseph C

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Candi said:
Definitely Keep: Personal Account
I don't know about the other moderators, but I find jumping into the water without checking their tanks pretty darn stupid. Thanks Joseph.

Tracy said:
Maybe Toss: Bystanders Injured!
I find it hard to believe that all of them didn't check their air tanks - that would have been something that the dive-master insisted on

Bruce said:
Definitely Keep: Personal Account
I agree with Candi on this, and given there's no press about it a PA sounds like the right way to go. Thanks, Joseph!