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Killer security device.

Araxá City - Brazil. My friends. Shit happens! A 60-year-old man from the city of Araxá, tired of having his workshop stolen at night, decided to do something that anyone with a few neurons would do. You might ask yourself: Did he install cameras? Reinforced padlocks and locks? Have you installed a security system? No no and no. He created his own security system. With copper wires and a firearm, he created a device that, when triggered, fires the firearm at whoever triggered it. It seemed like a good idea to catch the thief who robs your workshop, although in Brazil this can be considered a crime of murder. Well, the thief (or thieves) may have had other things to do that night and they weren't in the workshop of our illustrious protagonist of the story. The day breaks and the owner of the workshop goes to work and, by carelessness, bumps into the copper wire and is shot in the chest, dying some time later. At least we know the device worked the way he wanted it to work!

Submitted on 08/29/2022

Submitted by: RenanHH

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Bruce said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
After reading the translation of the article I'm more than willing to accept this. This wasn't a typical gun-with-tripwire setup that we've read about before. In this case the man built a completely custom made weapon and triggering device. Given that level of craftsmanship I'm more than willing to accept this. Thanks!

Tracy said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
Thanks! The guy had cataracts so couldn't see the wire, or had forgotten he'd rigged it up - makes it a DA for me