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Just when you thought it was safe..

Two brothers from Jamaica removed themselves from the gene pool on Sunday, August 14th, by jumping off of the American Legion Memorial Bridge in Martha's Vinyard, Massachusetts.

The bridge is a popular tourist attraction, having been featured in the 1975 shark thriller 'Jaws'.

The brothers, Tavaris and Tavaughn Bulgin were part of a group who jumped from the bridge Sunday night into 15 feet of water. Neither brother was able to overcome the current, and subsequently drowned.

Submitted on 08/19/2022

Submitted by: Vale MacRorie

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Bruce said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
Given this was two brothers who were reportedly good swimmers I'll allow it. Thanks, Vale.

Tracy said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
To be fair, I'd probably have jumped as well! Thanks for the story