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'Heard A Shout' Elevator Flats

One from 2018 - a police friend tells me that he was cut in half. Flat pack jokes at the ready!

Two elevator repair workers on an Ikea assignment need to get the elevator to a particular floor, presumably because that will allow the best access.

So naturally they jury-rig a system where they bypass the elevator safety with a random wire connection to the 'on' button. And one man gets on top of the lift, planning to connect the rigged wire to start the elevator, then hit the "STOP!" safety button inside the shaft when the elevator is correctly positioned.

It does make a mad kind of sense.

So up he climbs, and the elevator doors close, and the other man walks away... and suddenly heard a shot.

What the two workers did not realize, is that there is an automatic return-to-ground-floor mechanism that kicks in when the elevator has been idle for a given duration.

One flat half-repair person later, we have a DArwin AWard Winner. The news ref is long and kind of confusing, someone needs to write the details more clearly.

Submitted on 07/05/2022

Submitted by: Jimmy Kawasaki

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Candi said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
They bypassed the safety mechanisms instead of using floor buttons. Alrighty then. (And if there wasn't a floor button, there's usually a security/privilege reason for that.) Thanks Jimmy!

Bruce said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
Bypassing safety systems is a pretty easy way to achieve a DA... Thanks, Jimmy!