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No circus career for him

Joshua James Connell was backpacking in Thailand,as many young Aussies do. Staying in a hotel with a rooftop pool, he decided to test his balance by walking along the edge of the wall separating the pool area from a sizeable drop on the other side. The solid wall didn't prove to be any challenge to his balance, so he tested his skills on the adjacent railing. As the CCTV footage showed, his talents came up short - six stories short, to be exact. He landed on the roof of a cafe below, which brought his aspiring career as a highwire artist to an abrupt end.

Submitted on 07/02/2022

References: 2/7/2022
Submitted by: Kristin Adkins

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Candi said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
This kind of stuff is usually too common, but I find this extra pushing of his luck very appealing. Thanks Krisin!

Bruce said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
The provided link was paywalled for me but I was able to find other articles by searching for the victims name, including one that contained security camera footage. Given that I'm more than happy to accept this. Thanks, Kristin! For the mods: