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Authorities in Pennsylvania say a m

Police were called to a home in Fogelsville, in eastern Pennsylvania, shortly after 2 p.m. Wednesday on a report of a man in cardiac arrest.

When they arrived, he was found with an 18 foot boa constrictor snake wrapped around his neck (he must have had a really big neck for an 18 foot boa to be wrapped around it). An officer was able to shoot the snake’s head without “hurting” the man, who was given medical aid and taken to the hospital.

The cause of death was was listed as anoxic brain injury due to asphyxiation by constriction, and the manner of death was ruled “accidental”. What exactly was the “accident”?

Submitted on 07/25/2022

Submitted by: Glenn Weintraub

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Bruce said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
If you're going to keep potentially dangerous animals as pets you better be 100% sure you know how to handle them properly. Thanks, Glenn.

Tracy said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
You need to know what you're doing with pet snakes! Thanks