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2001 Darwin Awards

Honoring Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve our gene pool--by removing themselves from it in the most spectacular way possible.

Blown Away
2001 Darwin Award Winner
Confirmed True by Darwin

(16 July, 2001, United States) An assistant plant manager for Blacklidge Emulsions died when he used an acetylene torch to cut a hole in a 10,000 gallon tank of asphalt emulsion. He was attempting to visually survey the amount of emulsion that remained in the tank, but "no safety precautions were taken before the cutting operation began," stated an OSHA representative. "[His] attention was twice called to a warning sign on the side of the structure which stated the contents were combustible. In complete disregard of safety procedures," the erstwhile manager "lit an acetylene torch and began cutting, causing an explosion that blew him 93 feet away.

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Submitted by: Jon Kade, Matt Newell, Gary Arbuckle, Chris Stockard, Dave
Reference: CCH Employment Safety & Health Guide Issue 1573,
OSHA Regional News Release, Mississippi Sun Herald

Reader Comments:
"One less administrator? Survival of the species... at its best! "
"Good thing he doesn't work for us!"
"That's what I call 'having a blow.'"
"Managers are NOT immune!"
"<long sigh>"

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