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1999 Darwin Awards

Honoring Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve our gene pool--by removing themselves from it in the most spectacular way possible.

The Winner Gets... a Post Mortem
1999 Darwin Award Winner Confirmed True by Darwin<

(3 October 1997, Australia) Drinking oneself to death need not be a long lingering process. Allan, a 33-year-old computer technician, showed his competitive spirit by dying of competitive spirits. A Sydney, Australia hotel bar held a drinking competition, known as Feral Friday, with a 100-minute time limit and a sliding point scale ranging from 1 point for beer to 8 points for hard liquor.

Allan stood and cheered his winning total of 236, (winners never quit!) which had also netted him the literally staggering blood alcohol level of .353 grams of alcohol per 100 ml of blood, 7 times greater than Australia's legal driving limit of 0.05%.

After several trips to the usual temple of overindulgence, the bathroom, Allan was helped back to his workplace to sleep it off, a condition that became permanent.

A forensic pharmacologist estimated that after downing 34 beers, 4 bourbons, and 17 shots of tequila within 1 hour and 40 minutes, his blood alcohol level would have been 0.41 to 0.43%, but Allan had vomited several times after the drinking stopped. The cost paid by Allan was much higher than that of the hotel, which was fined the equivalent of $13,100 US dollars for not intervening.

It is not known whether Allan required any further embalming.


[excerpt] Allan Taylor died after downing 34 60 ml cups of beer, four nips of bourbon and 17 shots of tequila during a 100-minute drinking competition at the hotel on October 3, 1997. The 33-year-old computer technical support officer died at 9.36 pm in his nearby workplace, Franklins Limited, after being helped from the hotel by colleagues. A forensic pharmacologist estimated that if Mr Taylor had been drinking between 6.10 pm and 7.50 pm as described by witnesses his blood alcohol level would have been between .407 and .427 at 8.30 pm. A post-mortem examination, which found alcohol toxicity as the sole cause of death, found a level of .353 - consistent with Mr Taylor having vomited several times after drinking stopped. [Read More Here] © 1994 - 2022

Submitted by: Howard Brinsmead, Christopher T. Schuessler, Stephen Busby, Pamela Sage, Jim

Reference: Stephen Gibbs of the Sydney Morning Herald, Reuters


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