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1999 Personal Account
The Darwin Awards salutes the spirit aportrayed in the following personal accounts, submitted by loyal (and sometimes deceased) readers. Next


Withdrawing Money 
1999 Personal Account

(North Carolina) I read about this when I was in college in North Carolina back in 1993. This guy, Salome Vedejas, I'll never forget his name. He wanted to make a withdrawal from his bank account. Salome was about 35, a little slow, and he lived with his mother. It was cold out, so he went to the bank wearing a ski mask. He pulled up to the drive through and gave the teller his withdrawal form. The

woman panicked, thinking he was a thief, and gave him over $10,000. He had no clue what had happened, and just drove off. The bank called the cops and they chased him all the way into the Blue Ridge Mountains. The guy must have been scared, because he ended up driving right off a cliff. I remember a quote from his mother: "My son always wears his ski mask when it's cold. The police killed my son." Crazy huh?

Submitted by: Jeff Slavik

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