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2014 Darwin Awards
Honoring Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve our gene pool--by removing themselves from it. Next Prev Random

Banana Bandido  
2014 Darwin Award Winner
Confirmed True by Darwin

(27 June 2014, Costa Rica) A banana plantation was the setting for a Friday evening robbery in Limón. Villegas, 30, lived (note past tense) in the same building as the farm's cafeteria before his fatal slip-up. He was in the process of breaking into the cafeteria via the roof when a security guard heard suspicious noises and fired his 12-gauge shotgun toward the rustling sounds.

A shotgun fires shells that contain several small, round projectiles called shot. 12-gauge shotguns such as those used by Banana Security are large weapons likely to be loaded with buckshot rather than birdshot, and buckshot can kill or seriously damage a human body. However the intruder or intruders were not immobilized and the warning shot was answered with return fire, causing the security officer to take refuge behind a wall and fire again! Thud, someone hit the ground! Another shot from the bandido or bandidos!

All this commotion on the roof of Banana Farm Café seems outlandish to me, but I suppose bananas are big business in Limón. When the dust cleared two robbers were still standing, and a third robber was discovered lying dead two hundred yards away. That man was Villegas.

The big surprise came when they turned over Villegas and realized that the fatal wound--a shot to his buttocks--was caused by his own handmade weapon! (What an ass hole.) So you see, dear readers, crime pays and D-I-Y guns also pay, in spades.


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Submitted by: Arturo Barboza
Reference: News Report on, Translation To English

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