The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally remove themselves from it in a spectacular manner!


Superman Stupor-man
A relatable Retro Darwin Award prank called 'Supermanning' gained popularity in the US Navy ten years before this 2005 fatality: Hold tight to a makeshift harness and leap from the rear-end of an airborne military helicopter, to fly like... Stupor-Man!!

Struck Speechless
Roll a fat cigar of brainpower for two mental midges who climbed out of their vehicles on busy Interstate 80 to argue about who slammed into whom. In short order both argle bargle bots got slammed, this time withou

Rock Hound
Opus-40 is an ambitious stoneworks compared to Stonehenge: Six acres of stone ridges, bridges, and moats puzzled together tightly using no mortar by Mr. Harvey Fite. A magnificent landscape of Hudson Valley stoner madnesss!   


Pinnacle Of Stupidity
In the end, cold was not the culprit! 'Hands are numb...but must operate smart phone,' muttered 47-year-old Tedzu to his livestream audience as he skidded and stumbled up snow-covered Mt Fuji

A Slack-Robatic Effort
At midnight the phone rang for Police Inspector Campbell Hill. 'What? Someone fell into the sinkhole??? Bloody hell. Better ring up the Fire Department. We will need their Rope Rescue Rig for this one.' Cave

As Buried As The Treasure
Michael Sexson, 58, had read of a buried treasure from a book authored by an eccentric and controversial art dealer named Forrest Fenn. In 'The Thrill of the Chase,' Fenn claims that he himself buried two   

crashed aircraft CREDIT Montana Standard Newspaper Pilot Patrick's In Flight Shower: With 10,000 hours of flight time and an instructor certificate, Patrick was not alarmed when aviation fuel (white gas) entered the cockpit and sloshed around his feet. His attitude was, "What, Me Worry?"...


Pilot Patrick's In-Flight Shower
With 10,000 hours of flight time and an instructor certificate, when aviation fuel (AVGAS) entered the cockpit and sloshed around his feet Patrick's attitude was, 'What, Me Worry?'

Maine Man Boffed By Booby-Trap
Maine Man Boffed By Booby-Trap Ronald Cyr, 65, was shot dead on Thanksgiving evening in the rural town of Van Buren. Upon investigation, it was determined that the shooter was none other than Ron

Two Texans Die Trying
May their experiment be a warning to you, my friend. The Drawbridge on Black Bayou was evidentially an irresistible Friday Night challenge to Texas Man (32) and Texas Man Two (aged 23)...

Rhino Poacher Killed By Elephant
It makes a funny headline, but it's no laughing matter. The elephant-trampled and lion-digested poacher had illegally crept into a national park with murder in mind, for there is

Darwin Award: Boomerang Drone Zone: An ISIS fighter in Iraq was killed by hxx own drone, launched to attack UK Troops based near Mosul. A security source reported, 'This idiot wired up a drone with explosives, but was killed when the batteries...   

dynamite explosion in grass Utah Blast From The Past: in 2009 Brent, 59, found a stash of dynamite in a shed on his 5000-acre ranch, which was three miles from ATK Thiokol booster rocket testing area. The dynamite, unwilling to be shot with a bullet, fought back...


The Missionary Position
John Allen Chau, a self proclaimed world explorer inspired by Livingston and Jesus, was killed by the very tribe of natives he was offering eternal life.

Wacky Welder
The tale of Howard Miller, 39, professional welder, illustrates the pitfalls of ignoring high school chemistry with a time-saving invention. Miller spent his last moments helping weld an exhaust pipe onto a classic Holden Kingswood sedan...

Mind The Cone Zone
A Wanaquer man died in a vehicle fire after he drove around barricade cones and onto live power wires in Franklin Lakes morning. A good son, Anthony G. was en-route to his father's house to shovel the driveway...

Focus On The Bear
While driving himself and some passengers back home from a wedding, Prabhu Bhatara parked the car on the roadside to relieve himself in the woods when he spied an INJURED bear. Instead of calling the authorities t

Dead On Valentines Day
A 19-year-old and his soon-to-be-ex were walking along the beautiful Havel River, quarreling. The frustrated man suddenly shoved the woman into the icy river! She could swim, he could not...

A Gun Named 'Lorena'
The Buckeye Police Department reports that a man accidentally shot his own sausage while shopping in the meat aisle at Walmart. Arizona law does not require a permit to carry a firearm, so o

Reticulated Python
Zaim Kosnan spotted a twelve-foot reticulated python dozing on the side of the road. 'That sizeable snake is worth money!' realized the 35-year-old, and he swung by his house for gloves and a sickle. Sweet succes

Abu Hamam
A sexagenarian was examining his personal weapon in his home when he inadvertently discharged it into his face! Twenty-one days after accidentally shooting himself, Abu Hamam, 62, succumbed to the self-inflicted head-bang...

GEOcaching Out!
Meteorologist warning of storms and torrential rains did not deter four geo-cache seekers from climbing into an underground waterway in the Czech Republic in search of a cask of treasure. Lest you think them innocen

A Darwin Double! After a road collision near Stary Krzew, two men emerged from their damaged cars and began arguing over the incident. The argument grew into a physical fight that lurched from the verge into the ad

Booze Cruise Loser
Boston friends fondly confess that there ARE Boston Harbor Booze Cruises. It's a thing. But for Aaron D., it's a thing of the past. Join me in mourning the colossal misjudgment that doomed this 21-year-old spark of light.

Darwin Award Shorts - Old Folks Reunion
MARCH 2018, BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND || Man suffers a fatal heart attack after getting his head stuck beneath an electric footrest at the cinema while retrieving his cellphone from the floor:

Lovestruck Louis III
Blindly following lust, the world came crashing down upon the head of King Louis III, overzealous ruler of Francia. Despite great military success, great loss followed on its heels when a comely lady caught his eye...

Fumble Tumble
Like a plot out of Sherlock Holmes, officials found a dead body mysteriously crumpled at the bottom of an UP-escalator at an Amtrak station at the New Carrollton stop at 2AM. Perplexed...

Killer Whalebone
Historic Darwin Award! Statesman Gouverneur Morris, a signatory to the Articles of Confederation and U.S. Constitution, died in 1816 from an infection caused by shoving a whalebone into his urethra to clear a blockage.

Mammoth Morons
Today's Group Darwin Award is for the males of the Woolly Mammoth species, Mammuthus primigenius, an elephant species extinct for about 10,000 years... in part due to the males' penchant for fossilization...

The ban on shopping bags has taken a terrible toll! A 58-year-old woman was run over by her Mazda CX7 after she pulled over to check whether the grocery bags were in the trunk. The car, evidently not secured by the parki

Not A Darwin Winner
Dozed To Death: A deadly game of hide-and-seek with a bulldozer happened after a county maintenance worker discovered a dozen hidden pot plants and called police. Here's why this is NOT A DARWIN AWARD...   


Red Evolution  (2462)  84%

Steamy Buns  (1841)  84%

Let There Be Light!  (352)  84%

Amphetamines And Aerobatics  (231)  84%

Snapchat Prat  (1168)  80%

Backseat Drivers  (976)  80%

Golf Cart + Garden Hose  (1099)  78%

#ElephantsWantPrivacy  (1672)  77%

One Way Ticket  (2677)  75%

Air Strike Out  (2964)  74%

Pistol Of Justice  (1336)  74%

Flat Hatting Pilots  (1159)  72%

503 Server Overload  (2399)  69%

Grim Roofer  (0)  0%


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