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Fixing past Darwin award

Darwin says: "Thanks for the addendum. The archive was filling up with electrocuted copper thieves, ten years ago."


Dear Darwin, the identity and full stupidity of the winner of this Darwin Award is found in this news report.

Cable thief acted out shock, killed by 8,000 volts

16 March 2012 | A young man who was stealing copper cable pretended he was being electrocuted, for laughs, just moments before it happened for real. Ryan Woolams, 16, paid 'the ultimate price' when he experienced electric shock while trying to steal live copper cable from an electricity sub-station at Skelton Grange, an inquest heard... <read more>

Submitted on 04/02/2022


Submitted by: Dude

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Definitely Keep: For Darwin's Eyes

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Definitely Keep: For Darwin's Eyes
Thanks for the extra information