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Drowning, Saved, Drowning

Wendy says: "Awesome, pastor with wet feet, working on research here's the current write-up. Thanks so much for the submission, Anonymoose!"

A night
    shot of Lake Seminole taken by the Pinellas County Sheriff, full moon
    in the background.


A pastor went boating with a female friend. The boat capsized. The man began to drown. He wasn't wearing a life jacket, and (reading between the lines) didn't know how to swim. Rescuers were called and he was saved. After they deposited him on shore, he found a friend to help him try to get his boat back, went out again without a life jacket, and drowned.

March 18th, 2022 first-responders-look-for-missing-man-in-lake-seminole

Submitted on 03/22/2022

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Submitted by: Anonymous

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Tracy said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
After being rescued once, and not knowing how to swim, why would you decide a life-vest wasn't needed? Thanks

Bruce said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
There's nothing in the article to indicate or otherwise imply the victim couldn't swim. But having said that, getting back on a swamped or capsized boat without basic gear like a life jacket is incredibly stupid. The boat would be incredibly unstable at that point and it wouldn't take much to slip and injure yourself, or worse. Thahks!