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Wendy says: "Every once in awhile one of these 'how did that get there?' stories tickles my funnybone. Read the full story here. Thanks Scott for the submission! Several others provided additional references via FB."


Submitter says, "I have absolutely no idea whatsoever how this happened, and I am quite confident that I'd like to keep it this way."

Reference: The Jerusalem Post, December 6th, 2021:

Bomb Disposal Team Called When UK ManTurns Up At Hospital With WWII Munition In His Backside

The man claims to have slipped and fallen on a piece of his military memorabilia collection. The bomb disposal squad was called on Thursday when a patient arrived at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital with a mortar shell stuck inside his buttocks. The man is reported to be an avid collector of military memorabilia and claims that the incident occurred as the result of him slipping and falling onto the 6cm by 17cm piece. Upon realizing that he was unable to remove the object on his own, he went to the hospital where the Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal team was brought in to ensure the safety of everyone present. Local news outlet Gloucestershire Live described the shell as having been 'used by the Royal Artillery in theSecond World Waras anti-tank rounds, though it would later also be used by British tanks in North Africa. BBC reported that hospital staff was able to remove the munition before the bomb disposal squad was called, and the police said in a statement that the weapon was not live and “therefore not a danger to the public.” Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said in a statement regarding the situation that 'As with any incident involving munitions, the relevant safety protocols were followed to ensure that there was no risk to patients, staff or visitors at any time.' The patient was discharged and is expected to make a full recovery

Submitted on 12/06/2021

Submitted by: Scott Benowitz
Reference: The Jerusalem Post, Dec. 6th, 2021

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Tracy said:
Definitely Keep: Honorable Mention
Hmmm... thanks... I don't think this is a family friendly story, but it did make me laugh... it may be just another accidental fall... or it maybe not... Here's a better link :

Bruce said:
Definitely Keep: Honorable Mention
Given the man survived and nobody else was injured I'm more than happy to accept this as an HM. Thanks, Scott!