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Darwin Awards
2008 Darwin Awards
Email a Friend Named in honor of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, the Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it. Next Prev Random

One Foot In The Pool...
2008 Darwin Award Nominee
Confirmed True by Darwin

(24 August 2008, Jakarta, Indonesia) Charles had everything going for him. He had just completed his International Baccalaureate at King William's College in the Isle of Man, and his dreams were ambitious. He planned retire by the age of thirty. The principal of the college posthumously described him as "a very bright boy with a very bright future."

Unfortunately for Charles, his elite education omitted an important lesson from the curriculum: Electricity, danger of.

Reader Comment: "Charles was a real live wire!"

He had one foot in the backyard swimming pool (really) when he noticed a cement box full of electrical wires near the edge of the pool. It was a junction box supplying power to the jacuzzi. Curious, Charles started to fiddle with a fistful of wires, and was immediately rooted to the spot--by 240 volts of electrical current surging through his body.

A bright future and early retirement were, indeed, in his cards.


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Submitted by: Paul Mather

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