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Darwin Awards
Personal Accounts

We salute the spirit portrayed in the following
personal accounts, submitted by loyal
and sometimes reluctant readers.

In 2008 the category "Personal Account" was merged into "Darwin Awards" (unconfirmed) and, more often, "Honorable Mentions" (again, unconfirmed.) Stories below are sorted by popularity, within each year.

2007 Catching a Buzz Bicycle Chain of Accidents Big Bang Theory A Highly Improbable Trajectory Hedge Your Bets Chivalry Rebuffed The Flaming Shot Gag Reflex Ammo Dumps Remember The Hindenburg Bong Gone Wrong    2006 Hook, Line, and Sinker Sileage Spreader Missed Stop Misstep Revenge of Mother Love Pennsic 35    2005 Captain Magneto Wild Wheelchair Ride Bullet-Brain Do What I Say, Not What I Do Tight Wad Gun Safety Nonsense Medieval Flambe Air Freshener The Bigger the Better Stupid Car A Salty Tale Volunteer 'Fire' Man Bullet-Brain    2004 BlackCats in the Pants Blast from the Past Watch Where You're Going Dodging the Draft Horse Do-It-Yourself Bass Boat Brake Care Cleaning Solution    2003 Shortcut Cut Short Human Paper Towel Under Pressure Koroneburg Village Idiot Hot Hot Chocolate A Gasser of a Story Icarus Bufo Marinus The Man with the Iron Stomach Gas Spill    2002 Fuzzy Fights Back Bridge Over Frozen Water Stag Party Exploding Latrine Chemistry Lesson Scrambled Eggs Lion Lunch The Barbequed Chef The Answer Is... Rectum Nearly Killed'm Famous Last Words Mixing Bread Dough Wag the Dog Cure for Lice Repeat Offender Bridge Work Electric Safety Lesson Sexy Snack Slays Chainsaw Slingshot Pocket M80 Electric Eccentric Anchor Man Christmas Fireworks Acetylene Fun? Not! Amateur Roofing Home Improvement Copper Clod "Do Not Drink" Flashy Chef Laser Dim Bulb Pain in the Neck Backyard Body Surfing Blasting Expertise Watch!... Cool!...    2001 Miracle Mile Medical Misadventures Wasps Tube Snake Parachute Catch Horsing Around Monkey Business Regular & Extra Crispy Fleas of Fire Real Science Flat Fix Fizzles Got a Match? Uncle Rick's End Power Over Plate Glass Accident Prone Firebug Workin' on the Railroad Theoretical Knowledge Bepples Power! XYZ    2000 One Cool Dude Excellent Adventure Emergency Room Excitement Medic! Man With Gas Can Dead as a Doda 5 Soldiers 6 Police 0 Brains My Friend John's Testis Why I'm the Last of Nine Children Eat the Young Feces Pieces A Clean Toilet Why Kids Leave the Farm Lawnmower Mechanics It Gets Worse… Cesium Initiative Fill 'er Up! Is it Loaded? Final Flick of Bic Compacted Ignorance Extensible Aluminum Stave Robot Reaper Bug Repellent Bicycle Blues Brush with Stupidity Prop Arc Safety Surprise Flush Pop Like a Grape A Darwin Dog Round Lake Short Cut Man Versus Mower Tourist Trap Testing the Waters The Egg Factory Bye Bye Birdie Brewery Mishap Instant Sunrise    1999 Bridge Bowling Packing the Wardrobe Disco Dork Gangster Blues Tide-ally Impaired Bridge Bonzai Jump Rope Blues Levelled Trephination Industrious Brain Dead Private Train Dodge! Betrayal of Trussed Quarry Story Unkindest Cut of All Flak Vest Test Coke, the Real Thing What a Gas! Cleaning the Head Diving Lessons Polar Bear Lesson North Pacific Deckpecker The Iceman Exiteth Withdrawing Money Car Surfing Fun with Forklifts Cement Punching Bag Jet Ski Jock Wives With Chloroform Leap of Faith Helium and Oxygen Don't Mix Elemental Mistake Newton's Laws of Motion Accident Waiting to Happen Breaking the Law Cat-Astrophe    1998 Pissing Into the Wind Rub Dub Dub Men in a Tub Team Spirit Bubble Bath? Forklift Tomfoolery I Can Fly! Don't Argue with Partner in Crime Man and Cactus

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