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Brian Asks, 'Find Pandas and Rabbits Paper?'

Wendy responds, Hello Hello, Brian the Original Darwin Awards reader. GREAT to hear from you! Dialup from Prodigy software hm? Memories! An intriguing question, where is that paper that discusses thoughtful breeding (Pandas) versus thoughtless breeding (Rabbits). READERS, ANY ONE KNOW? What to do when Google Search fails... I can understand that 'prey animals' would have the full-press let's multiply urge, right? Brother Rabbits are food animals, low on the food chain. Breeding like rabbits maintains environmenal robustness by feeding hungry predators. Same job as Brother Salmon, who feeds eagles, bears, humans, and the forest soils.

Readers we need to put on our 'sky is falling' hats and get serious about halting overconsumption of this green planet. If you know about where this paper Brian mentions is, please let us know.

Are the seatbelt laws harming our survival... as the Rabbits and Panda paper apparently argues... hmm, perhaps in parody they are.


Folks, I am an old fart Orginal Darwin Awards Reader. I got access to the Page using Prodigy software. The beginning of Dial-up modems.

In the beginning, There was an occasional article regarding the Darwin Theory.

I am looking for the paper regarding "Pandas & Rabbits".

Mating habits of Pandas & Rabbits. To give an example of the Document. Pandas will only mate if the bears are in good health, only if the food supply is enough to add another mouth to the family, only one partner at a time........

Rabbits will mate at the drop of the thought and will reproduce even if it means the death of the herd of rabbits. mating with multiple partners, as often as possible.......

The Paper also stated that we are doing damage to the Darwin Theory by Protecting the ill-minded people in our society starting with Safety belt laws, and the coming of airbags in cars ( remember 1990 time frame) by protecting the Rabbits we are causing the downfall of the Darwin Theory and the future of the world as a whole.

Submitted on 10/03/2021

Submitted by: Brian Anderson

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Tracy said:
Neutral: For Darwin's Eyes
Interesting, thanks

Bruce said:
Definitely Keep: For Darwin's Eyes

Candi said:
Neutral: For Darwin's Eyes
Booted to Darwin. Although the "only one partner at a time" has been proven to be a fallacy -that's not how they mate in the wild, at all.