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On 9/24/2021 in Coweta County, Georgia one Binyam Abraha broke into a home while the owner was away.

When the owner returned that evening, he found the 21 year old dead on his porch and contacted the Sheriffs Department. Upon entering the home it was determined that Binyam had illegally entered the home and encountered the homeowner's pair of pet pit bulls and was of course mauled. Somehow he managed to exit the front door but expired on the porch. Hopefully the dogs will be ok even though they are in a mandatory 10 day rabies isolation at the county shelter. We don't understand the county's action since young Binyam in no longer concerned about catching rabies. Ironically the owner had a standard sign (for rural Georgia) that read "Never Mind the Dogs - Beware of Owner with handgun image.

Possible alternate titles: "Owner Doesn't Bite", "Not Afraid of Rabies" or "Pair of Pet Pit Bulls Present"

Submitted on 10/06/2021

Submitted by: Glenn Blake
Reference: Fox 5 News Atlanta, GA

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Bruce said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
Sounds like a pretty straightforward DA to me. Thanks, Glenn! For the mods:

Candi said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
Thanks Glenn! The quarantine is likely some piece of law that says *any* dog who attacks a human must be quarantined to make sure they're clear of rabies. The only other pre-symptom way to be certain of the presence, or lack, of rabies is a brain tissue test from at least two parts of the brain. These can't be obtained without killing the animal.