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Idiot jumps from bridge

July 3rd or 4th 2005 Todd Blau was tabbing in the Wisconsin River. At about 415 the group reached the HWY 23 Bridge over the river. Now we hadn't had very much rain so the water was only two to 3.5 feet deep. I'm not exactly sure how high the Bridge is but it's 40-50 feet high. While crossing the bridge Todd jumped off into the river. People in canoes pulled him to the bank, and preformed CPR until EMS, and Med Flight arrived. At which time he was pronounced dead. The coroner stated he had severe neck injuries, I did not see any other injuries listed.

Obviously I'll give you my name but prefer it not to be known. It's a small community, and people get pissy

Submitted on 09/22/2021

Submitted by: Jp Slaney

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Candi said:
Definitely Keep: Personal Account
I think this will do as a Personal Account. We've had people jump off of bridges before, but not often do we see from such a height into such shallow water! Thank you, JP.

Bruce said:
Definitely Keep: Personal Account
I'll agree with Candi's reasoning. This is a perfect example of why you never dive into water you're not 100% sure is more than deep enough and not cluttered with hidden debris.