Darwin Awards
Thomas Banwell, Cartoonist

Gifted artist Thomas Banwell presents some provoking
Darwin Awards cartoons. Explore by clicking the thumbnail
Paroxysms of laughter await. <grin>

Thomas' Illustrations
The complete list.
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Ostrich Axioms
Short and Sweet
Passionate Plunge
Two Avalanche Alaskan

Fleas of Fire
Crappy Driving Award
Duct Tape

Forklift Safety Video
Fantastic Plastic Lover
Circular Reasoning

Come On In!
The Daily Grind
Do It Yourself, Do Yourself In
Running of the Bulls

Human Popsicle
Baby You Drive Me Crazy
Christmas Tree

Elevator Wedgie
Hornet Challenge
Stoned Sleep

William Tell Overture
3 Clowns on Scooter
Rappin' on Heaven's Door
Shocking Fall
Tired of it All

Polar Bear Swim
Jumping Jack Cash
Father Knows Best
Niagara Falls
A Fell Death

Home Grown Parachute
What's That Ringing?
Tainted Turkey
Kiss of Death

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