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 Darwin Awards III
Survival of the Fittest

by Wendy Northcutt

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The Darwin Awards III: Survival of the Fittest
The human race's most popular humor series returns with hilariously macabre mishaps and misadventures. Honoring those who improve our gene pool by inadvertently removing themselves from it, the Darwin Awards  shows how uncommon common sense still is.

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Salute the sheriff who inadvertently shot himself--twice! Witness the insurance defrauder who amputated his leg with a chainsaw!Heed the story of the farmer who avoided bee stings by sealing his head in a plastic bag!Cringe at the man crushed by a branch he'd just severed... directly over his head!  123 new stories, 18 full-page illustrations, plus discussions of the implications of transgenic animals, the origin of life, and more.

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 The Darwin Awards: New York Times Bestsellers

"One of the drawbacks to not teaching the theory
of evolution in schools is that some people
wind up learning the hard way..."

-Sarasota Herald-Tribune

-Creative Loafing

Author Biography  
Wendy holds a degree in molecular biology from UC Berkeley. She began writing Darwin Awards in 1993, and founded the website soon thereafter.

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