Darwin Awards III
"Survival of the Fittest"

by Wendy Northcutt

C h a p t e r  
3  S t o r i e s

Explosions: Short Sharp Shock
( Excerpt from Chapter 3 )

The destructive nature of fire and explosives has long been a lure for the more adventurous among us. But a fascination with all things flammable can lead to trouble, as shown by these eyebrow-searing tales of grenades, gelignite, bombs, gasoline, and flaming alcoholic desserts.

Darwin Award: Fir Kills Tree Trimmer
Confirmed by Darwin

15 June 2002, England | A safety harness doesn't always help... A tree surgeon decided to save time, and throw the pruned branches directly into a fire he built near the base of the tree. Predictably, the tree caught fire, putting an end to his further time-saving innovations. Reference: BBC News

Honorable Mention: Phenomenal Failure
Unconfirmed by Darwin

February 2001, Michigan | A 28-year-old demolition worker attempted to commit suicide by washing down nitroglycerine pills with vodka. Normally suicide is not worthy of an Honorable Mention, but this man's failure mode was exceptional. After swallowing the pills, he tried to explode the nitroglycerine by repeatedly ramming himself into a wall. He was treated for bruises and released from the hospital, with some much-needed counseling. Reference: Detroit Times

C h a p t e r  3  S t o r i e s

Blown Away

Wrong and Wronger
Rocket Tester
Saw a Grenade
Fir Kills Tree Trimmer
Shell Necklace
Wet'n'Dry Shop Vac
Phenomenal Failure
Pumped Up!
Hunger vs. Fear
Baked Alaska
Famous Last Words
Acetylene Fun? Not!

Backyard Body Surfing
Blasting Expertise
Chemistry Lesson
Christmas Fireworks
Flashy Chef
Regular & Extra Crispy
***The Answer Is...
The Barbequed Chef
Got a Match?
Scrambled Eggs
Fleas of Fire
Theoretical Knowledge

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