Darwin Awards III
"Survival of the Fittest"

by Wendy Northcutt

C h a p t e r  4  S t o r i e s

Women: Female Finale
( Excerpt from Chapter 4 )

Our mothers warned us, "Don't run with scissors!" But they never warned us about shaving before a wet T-shirt contest, petting hippopotami and lion cubs, and other activities temporarily enjoyed by the following damsels in distress.

Honorable Mention: Rob Peter to Pay Paul
Confirmed by Darwin

16 July 2001, Tennessee | A woman ordered to make good on $1100 in bad checks left the Union City courthouse, drove to her hometown, and pulled a gun on employees at the First State Bank. She fled into a cornfield with $7000, eluded a hastily-organized search party, and made her way back to Union City to pay her debt. But given the small size of her town, with a population of 344, it was inevitable that one of the bank employees would recognize her. When she returned home, police were waiting to arrest her and confiscate the remainder of the money. Reference: Boston Globe

Personal Account: Lion Lunch

As a Ranger, I am inured to the stupidity of the public when confronted with wild animals, but my daughter's experience in South Africa takes the cake. She worked in the Kruger National Park, where park authorities are scrupulous about warning people to remain within their cars at all times. A tourist driving through the park was motivated to ignore the rules when she spotted a lioness and her cubs. The woman's husband recalls her saying the cubs were not posed correctly, so she nipped out of the car and picked one up to move it closer to its siblings. Needless to say, the lioness shared her with the cubs.

C h a p t e r  4  S t o r i e s

Vicious Killer Memes
Bass Ackwards

Thirst for Death
Ants' Revenge
Rob Peter to Pay Paul
Child Pandering

Hippo Hop
Out of Gas
Cure for Lice
Electric Eccentric
Home Improvement
Lion Lunch

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