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Wendy says, " Hello, and what a lovely idea, Igor. You even included a thoughtful link to Shutterstock Image Search. I looked around Shutterstock and like this one. I feel inspired by your idea!!"

The extinction of the calm, unruffled DODO bird is the direct action of mankind in recent history. The DODO, often placed in the Pigeon Family Raphidae, had adapted through evolution to an unhurried, unhunted lifestyle on the islands of Mauritius. This unpretentious species had, surprisingly, found itself at the top of the local food chain!

Consider an island nation of Pigeon Folk pecking about their daily business. Picture an approaching boat. See the people lining the gunwales with knife and fork in hand. Hear the clamor of cutlery? That is what happened to the DODO animal species. Shame. Probably could have become a great domesticated livestock option.

Scientist entrepreneurs are koo-koo to reanimate the extinct MAMMOTH, but how about the extinct DODO? Of course, a reanimated DODO would not be the same bird. Their species' calm unruffled behavior was likely the result of epigenetic changes. When scientists("scientists") cruelly examine MICE raised in terror, the offspring retain epigenetic changes that cause startle behavior and bad parenting for many generations. Nope, a reanimated DODO would not be the same tasty treat.

As it turns out, humans are just that stupid. Our thoughtless overconsumption extincted the DODO, and continues destroying our food sources -- salmon -- crop diversity -- whales?! -- so when we meet up with the extinct DODO and compare notes, who will have the last laugh?


I want to propose a design of a medal of Darwin Award, see the link:

Submitted on 07/05/2021

Submitted by: Igor Rouzine

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Great idea, I love the DODO. Thanks for the notion potion, Igor. -Wendy