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Celebrating under the power line

Two young man (37 and 32) were celebrating the arrival of a newborn in the family. For some reason they decided that the best place for celebration is right beside the railway and the best method for celebrating is shooting to the air with their riffle. Quite an amazing act of marksmanship they managed to shoot though the power line, which was cut, and fell to the ground. Causing 3rd degree burns in both man. Both of them died a couple of days later. (the article is unfortunately in Serbian)

Submitted on 05/31/2021

Submitted by: Illes Eszterhas

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Tracy said:
Definitely Toss: Bystanders Hurt
Thanks, unfortunately I can't accept this as it was really unlucky that they hit the power line, but rogue bullets have caused other people to be injured in other stories like this

Candi said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
What were they thinking!?! There are so many ways that could have gone wrong, and the universe approached their stupidity with a sense of black humor. Thanks Illes!

Bruce said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
I'm with Candi on this one. Thanks, Illes.