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Although South Korea, like many other East-Asian nations, is known for being sexually conservative country, having a near 100% internet availability has brought some unforeseen consequences such as the formation of an internet-based dry-orgasm community for men.

Ryu, a young member of this secluded community, took an interest in urethral insertion, a practice that was shunned even by the members of this very unique community.

After a few successful attempts, Ryu decided to inflate his urethral tract and block it with a balloon, to enter a state of "continuous orgasm", as he called it. The next thing he knew, he had been lying on the floor for who know how long with and felt like "someone was slicing his kidney off with a swiss army knife."

But more importantly, he noticed that his urine was rose-brown and thought that was funny, and decided to upload his experience to the community rather than call an ambulance immediately.

When he did finally decide to see a doctor, he needed to remove his kidneys and prostate due to a severe case of sepsis.

After writing one final post to the dry-orgasm forum, he passed away during the surgery, his last words being, "Tell everyone on the forum that I may not make it."

His brother made sure to carry out his wishes, posting his story all over the South Korean internet.

Submitted on 08/25/2021

Submitted by: Anonymous

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Bruce said:
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I'm willing to accept this bizarre story as a PA given there doesn't appear to be any actual news articles to back it up. Thanks.

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