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2006 Personal Accounts
The Darwin Awards salutes the spirit portrayed in the following personal accounts, submitted by loyal (and sometimes reluctant) readers. Next Prev Random


Hook, Line, and Sinker
2006 Personal Account

(2000, Denmark) Exhilarated by the freedom a new license allowed, a young man borrowed a car from his uncle, a car collector, and took his cousin out for a spin.

Denmark winters are usually mild, but this particular year was so cold that the Baltic Sea surrounding the island of Als froze over. When the cousins drove down to the shore, they found that Ketting Bay had iced over. They took a quick walk on the ice, tested it by jumping up and down, and decided it was thick enough to drive on.

A few hundred yards offshore, they discovered their error. The ice cracked and the car sank. Luckily Ketting Bay is shallow, so the boys suffered no worse than wet pants as they escaped through the car windows. Up to this point, their misadventure could be considered a poor estimate.

They looked the half-submerged collectible car over, and decided they had better pull it out before Uncle got mad. So they walked back to the farm, found a coil of rope and a strong car, drove back to the beach--and out to the submerged car!


At this point, we would not be wrong to talk about the foolishness of youth.

The boys climbed out of Submerged Car #2, walked back to the farm with sodden pants and chattering teeth, and fetched a farm tractor. They drove back to the beach--out onto the ice--and sank the tractor, too!

Submerged Car #1 could be called an accident,

Submerged Car #2 could be called plain daft, but

Submerged Car #3 seems to indicate a genetic error, 'specially since the boys agreed upon the actions, and they are blood relatives.... © 1994 - 2020
Reference: Kim 'The Pirate' Christensen, who says, "This happened to a young man who works a few desks away from me."

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