Charles Darwin with a purple swarm around his head, contemplating the twist of fate that natural selection sidestepped these still-living honorable mentions.

2009 Honorable Mention

Next Prev Random Honorable Mentions have misadventures that stop short of the ultimate sacrifice. Nevertheless we salute the spirit of their colossal blunders with an Honorable Mention. Better luck next time!

Clap Clap Clap Your Hands
2009 Honorable Mention
Unconfirmed by Darwin

(November 2009, Poughkeepsie, New York) Eyewitness Account: "I was driving down the road when the car in front of me suddenly accelerated, then stopped accelerating but continued going straight as the road curved, ultimately crashing into a rail. I pulled over to help, and asked the driver what caused the crash. He told me that the Cha Cha Slide was playing on the radio and he was dancing along. When the lyrics came to "Left foot, Left stomp," he did just that, flooring the accelerator. Then it said "Freeze" and he froze, and then, "Everybody clap your hands," at which point he crashed.

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