The Darwin Awards

2008 At-Risk Survivor

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Never Change
2008 At-Risk Survivor
Confirmed True by Darwin

(January 2006, Australia) Who would risk his life for some pocket change? A Darwin Award nominee, of course! A 35-year-old Sydney man lost some change down a storm-water drain. Most sensible people would just let it go, especially as it had been raining. In fact, all sensible people would let it go.

Not our man. He just could not let loose change go. He removed the cover from the sewer, lay down on the road, and stuck his head and upper body down the drain. In this position, fishing around for coins, his lower body was lying across the road.

His financial plans went wrong when a Ford SUV turned the corner. The driver, of course, failed to notice him. One does not expect to see half a person lying on the roadbed. The vehicle's bumper struck the man.

Our nominee was rushed to St. Vincent's Hospital in serious condition, with a broken pelvis and internal injuries. Had he been run over by the tire instead of struck by the bumper, police say it is likely he would not have survived.

Loose change is not worth the risk!


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