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2001 At-Risk Survivor

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Snow Bunnies
2001 At-Risk Survivors
Confirmed by Darwin

Gracie says,"Sorry to nitpick... but if they lost two feet, wouldn't they have had to lose more than seven toes?"

Anitra says, "if they had lost two feet, they still had two feet left. Perhaps it was seven of these remaining ten toes that were lost."

Marcel says, "The January 15 Ottawa Citizen reported that these two women are now launching a lawsuit against the township, claiming that their injuries resulted from 'poor signage.'"
(January 2001, Ontario, Canada) Jessica, 19 and Robyn, 21, got lost driving through aptly-named Douro-Dummer Township. One wrong turn led to another, and the girls found themselves wandering on "seasonal trails" marked KEEP OUT and NO TRESPASSING. After inadvertently setting fire to their car while trying to dislodge it from a rock, the girls abandoned the vehicle and its survival kit containing a blanket, flashlight, candle, and flares. The two snow bunnies stumbled blindly through the trees for two hours, broke through an ice cover into a stream, and were discovered by a rabbit hunter twelve hours later. Between them they lost two feet, seven toes, and four fingers to frostbite. © 1994 - 2020
Submitted by: Doug, Marcel Tellier, Nathan
Reference: Halifax Chronicle-Herald

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