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Malcolm McGookin
Over a dozen story illustrations are by cartoonist and animator Malcolm McGookin,, a former Dangermouse and Count Duckula animator. He creates cartoons and illustrations for diverse markets: children's books to Penthouse Magazine. His work is featured in the book, Darwin Awards 3: Survival of the Fittest, and the Miniature volume, "Felonious Failures." Click on an image to see the associated story and McGook's full artwork. Visit his website for more.

What Readers Think

Mcgookin you know I love your work! I'm looking forward to seeing your most recent four or five illustrations up here. Expecially LAwn Chair Larry, and the Raccoon Rocket guy. -Wendy
Wendy - Wednesday, June 12 at 14:42:33 PDT
Very entertaining. Makes the stories that much more enjoyable, although, I'd like to see more graphic cartoons. More blood.
Mary - Monday, October 07 at 12:11:59 PDT
Good work. Very funny. I like the way you drew the feet in the story about the man who jumped into the shallow water. Feet are insanly hard to draw (for me anyhow) you are good. ^_^
A-chan - Thursday, October 17 at 13:34:45 PDT
Hi, i love your art it is soooooo funny you charactors look like some of my friends. =)
lacy - Saturday, October 26 at 10:49:14 PDT
Hi Malcolm Your art is terrific, getting more homour to the story but also capturing the essence in a comical fashion. A truly excellent addition to darwinawards.
Alan - Wednesday, October 30 at 06:18:44 PST
COOL Pictures keep that pencil working !!!!!
Don Pearson - Sunday, November 10 at 22:13:10 PST
Great cartoons. They emphasize the subject nicely.
Alex Glenn - Friday, November 15 at 05:59:49 PST
Love the Jet Ski Jock illustration! It's pretty hilarious, once you know the story behind it.
George - Tuesday, November 19 at 14:07:56 PST
Malcolm, now can you write a story line? I think your drawnings would make a great comic book with the right words!! Try it for us!!
Steve - Wednesday, November 27 at 20:43:26 PST
I agree with Mary. They are very entertaining, but we want to see blood!
raven - Thursday, December 12 at 16:23:34 PST
Excellent work!! Have you a website I can go to view more of your stuff?
Wendy Hill - Thursday, December 19 at 03:56:42 PST
Great stuff Malc........Your AWSOMELY FAMOUS. Liked your 2003 calender.....can I have one please ?
Magoo - Friday, December 27 at 10:07:09 PST
Hello, I just picked up some of the comments, and I'll come by occasionally I'm sure. Thanks for writing sensible comments (most of you) and I hope people will keep it that way. I've seen too many sites where the cyber zombies just take over and trash whatever's on show, whether it's good, bad or indifferent. I'm happy to say I've escaped a great deal of the negative comment, but no-one's immune. The Internet's available to the just and the unjust, unfortunately. My own site will shortly be up and running, you can access it on www.malcolmmcgookin.com when it's ready. At the moment it's simply a holding page. Once again, thanks for the kind thoughts and words, just remember that if you're surfing cartoonists sites, even when you don't like someone's work, that person still has feelings, so if you can't be constructive, why be destructive? Best wishes to you all.
malcolm mcgookin - Wednesday, January 08 at 00:40:46 PST
thanks for the work on the site. Very Mad-esque, and I know less is more, but I think for most of these you need more than one frame.
terencio - Thursday, January 09 at 15:00:49 PST
You bring the award nominees to life!
Gerhard - Tuesday, February 04 at 23:00:38 PST
this is really well done Malcom
- Tuesday, April 08 at 18:30:04 PDT
The comics are awesome 2 or 3 frame units would be a neat addition if possible no blood please life is full of that anyway with the war theres to much now any way i can show these to my girlfriends 2.5 year old and she just laughes
Chad - Wednesday, April 09 at 00:04:23 PDT
Your cartoons breathe life into the various stories. Keep up the good work.
Jack - Thursday, June 19 at 17:12:39 PDT
Hello, thrill seekers. This is my first return visit since January, and thanks for all the compliments. I'd just like to explain to "Walt" that there aren't any punchlines as such, you have to read the Darwin Awards stories to "get" the toons. Best wishes to you all, and if I don't speak to you before next January, Merry Christmas and a happy Hogmanay.
Malc - Saturday, June 28 at 05:58:18 PDT
I think your art is awsome. your pictures help bring the stoies some life.
Barb - Saturday, July 12 at 16:32:35 PDT
Hi uncle malcom. I was just browsing the net and your name appeared! So when's the next time you're coming over to the uk. Lots of love. Heather xxx
Heather McGookin - Sunday, July 20 at 12:59:14 PDT
I'm just checking that this link is "live". Hi Heather! Hope you all like the new toons in the latest Darwin Awards book. Best wishes Malcolm McGookin
malcolm - Wednesday, October 01 at 06:50:17 PDT
Anybody even remotely connected to Dangermouse or Count Duckula deserves worhip. We are not worthy!
James - Wednesday, November 05 at 05:49:27 PST
i think that Malcolm is a wonderful artist
pat lewis - Monday, January 12 at 17:55:46 PST
nice drawings , i like them . hope they continue :)
deepoceanrock - Sunday, April 04 at 22:31:33 PDT
Hi, My son has "Blacknose the Pirate" a signed gift from your wife Mel, who I used to work with at the Royal Bank of Scotland Eddie Baxendale - Wednesday, April 14 at 07:02:19 PDT
Hey uncle malcolm, holly here, was just browsing and thought i would leave a little message , of course i love your drawings always have done since i was little and you used to show me them hehe, take care , lotsalove, Your fave neice, Holly xxx
Holly Davidson - Friday, July 02 at 14:29:29 PDT
Your work is AWESOME!!
Annette - Friday, August 20 at 09:43:06 PDT

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