Charles Darwin with a purple swarm around his head, contemplating the twist of fate that natural selection sidestepped these still-living honorable mentions.

2016 Honorable Mention

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Unleaded At A Lead Fight
2016 Honorable Mention
Confirmed True by Darwin

(9 May 2016, Brazil) It was only natural that a robber would drive into a gas station and ask for an ethanol fill-up; Brazil is the second-largest producer of ethanol fuel from sugar cane. And it was natural that the robber would demand money from the attendant; Rio de Janeiro is a notorious hotbed of crime. The attendant promptly handed over R $ 40,00 (forty reais). Since gas stations are rich with video surveillance, it would have been natural to take the money and run.

What is not natural is to demand at gunpoint that the attendant go back into the store and empty the till or, 'You're going to GET SICK.' The terrified attendant defended himself by turning the ethanol hose on the gun-waving robber, who reacted by firing a shot!

Police cautioned that it is unwise to douse armed robbers with ethanol. Unwise but effective. The bullet missed the attendant and sparks from the blast ignited the ethanol, leaving Luis Romario Fernandes covered with burns and fighting for his life in hospital. As badly off as he is, it would have been worse but the attendant immediately doused the blazing car with a fire extinguisher (pictured.)

Luis was reportedly on bail for suspicion of crimes including robbery and drug trafficking. Natural selection offers no bail, Dude. You got lucky...this time. Evolution is keeping her eye on you.

Reader Comments:
MortenD: "Fuel for thought."
BobD: "Obviously he was retardant."
JamieT: "Never bring unleaded to a lead fight."
WR: "Lead and Unleaded; Lethal Mix"
ElaineMc: "A flaming idiot."
MelodyM: "Not running on a full tank"
RaffaelK: "Robber at gas station pulls gun and goes boom."
JoyceG: "Great balls of fire!"
PeterW: Theme song, "Jumpin' Jack Flash it's a ___ ___ ___."

Submitted by: Jader Maas

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