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2010 At-Risk Survivor

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Real-Life Frogger FAIL
2010 At-Risk Survivor
Confirmed True by Darwin

Frogger. In the classic arcade game, players navigate their little Froggie across a busy road and a hazardous river, before reaching the safety of a pond.

(26 December 2010, South Carolina) Pedestrian/car collisions are way too common to win Darwin Awards, yet a video game afficionado nearly became the exception that proves the rule. The 23-year-old was "hanging out" (according to news reports) in the college town of Clemson, discussing the merits of Frogger. Authorities hasten to state that he was not a Clemson student, perhaps wishing to reassure parents that actual Clemson students are learning critical thinking skills.

At some point in time, Chief Jimmy Dixon said, the man yelled "Go!" and darted out into traffic, dodging cars in a real-life Frogger game. Suddenly, he realized he was about to lose a life! Frogger go SPLAT. Fortunately his meeting with a sports utility vehicle ended in a visit to the hospital, where no doubt the dude endured countless friends' jests, and video repeats of George Costanza playing Frogger with his console arcade game:

The news reports do not mention a dare, drugs, or alcohol, so it appears that this man went the extra mile (almost literally) for the sole purpose of making an offering to natural selection. This time around, it appears that her penalty was a slap on the wrist. Wise up, Dude! There are no cheat codes, no reset button, and only one life.

And maybe, instead of hanging around colleges, you should enroll.

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