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2009 Honorable Mention

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Pill Pusher
2009 Honorable Mention

Darwin says, "I asked for medical submissions, and have greatly enjoyed the responses!"

(Pennsylvania) My husband worked at a small, busy rural pharmacy. His customers were hard-working, simple people. Early one morning he dispensed a prescription to the mother of a teenager for anti-nausea tablets and suppositories, labeled with what he thought were clear directions.

Early that evening he received a phone call from the child's mother, asking when the medications would take effect. Knowing that the suppository should have taken effect within an hour, he asked which form of the medicine she had given the child. The mother said she had tried both tablets and suppositories, but the patient was still experiencing severe nausea.

Since the child was evidently sicker than originally diagnosed, my husband told her that she needed to call the doctor and ask for further instructions. Then the mother asked the key question. Should she have unwrapped the suppository before her child swallowed it?

That winner was quickly followed by her inquiry as to how far she should have inserted the tablet rectally, or rather should it have been inserted vaginally? To this day, my husband includes directions for unwrapping suppositories before use, as well as stating that tablets should be taken by mouth!

Submitted by: annierx
Reference: Personal Account

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