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1999 At-Risk Survivor
Email a Friend Although the stupidity displayed in the following tales stops short of the ultimate sacrifice, we salute the spirit and innovation shown in these misadventures. Next

Limo and Latte Burglar 
1999 At-Risk Survivor
Confirmed by Darwin

(1999, Washington) A penchant for life's little luxuries led to lousy luck for one bungling burglar. This Seattle bank robber rented a limousine. He instructed the chauffeur to drop him off at Bank of America, and return when contacted by telephone.

The thief presented a teller with a written demand for money, collected his cash and coins, and ran from the bank to a nearby Starbucks. While he was paying for a double latte with stolen coins, an alert customer phoned police and notified them of the criminal's whereabouts.

While waiting for the latte, the bank burglar called his chauffeur from a pay phone and arranged to be picked up outside Starbucks. The police quickly surrounded the store and apprehended the crook, after a brief foot chase, just before his getaway limo arrived. The driver confirmed that he had driven the man to Bank of America, and was returning to pick him up. © 1994 - 2012
Submitted by:
Lynda-Marie, Tim
(It happened a half mile from Tim's apartment!)
Reference: Ian Ith of the Seattle Times, 1994 - 2004

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