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1999 At-Risk Survivor
Email a Friend Although the stupidity displayed in the following tales stops short of the ultimate sacrifice, we salute the spirit and innovation shown in these misadventures. Next

1999 At-Risk Survivor
Confirmed True by Darwin

(14 July 1999, Arkansas) A mobile home in Little Rock was destroyed when a resident used a cigarette lighter to peer inside a gasoline can. Joseph was attempting to determine whether there was water in the gas can, when he discovered that it contained a flammable liquid. The gas fumes caught fire, and he slung the can onto the floor, spattering gas which ignited and set the residence ablaze. Joseph suffered minor burns on his hand. Donna, the homeowner, and her son initially escaped the blaze, but Donna was severely burned when she went back inside to rescue a dog that did not survive. © 1994 - 2012

Submitted by: Ray Carroll, Kerry York, Karl Jacobs, Erick Posner, Harry Marenstein

Reference: CNN, Los Angeles Times, The Dallas Morning News, Associated Press, New York Daily News
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