The Darwin Awards

1997 At-Risk Survivor

At-Risk Survivors have misadventures that stop short of the ultimate sacrifice. Nevertheless we salute the spirit of their colossal blunders with an Honorable Mention. Better luck next time!

Poor Sense of Direction
1997 At-Risk Survivor
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(3 December 1997, Connecticut) Vincent McKenzie is in custody for making a dreadfully wrong turn. This Bloomfield resident found himself trapped in the lobby of a prison on Thursday as he was fleeing authorities. McKenzie was leading police on a car chase from Suffield and Windsor Locks, when he abruptly pulled into the parking lot of the MacDougall Correctional Institution, a high-security state prison located in Suffield, Connecticut. McKenzie leapt from his car and sped into the front lobby, where he was trapped by automatic doors that closed and locked behind him. Police say McKenzie apparently thought the building was a shopping mall. Some days nothing seems to go right

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