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Wacky and Irreverent stories of True Misadventure, an Encyclopedia of Common Sense Failures! DARWIN AWARDS are on the internet, in books, email, radio; worldwide. Laugh at the Grim Reaper! Dozens of new Slush Pile stories, reported by a worldwide network of correspondents. The Darwin Awards spring from an Internet community, moderated by volunteers, honed by public review, and (coming soon) dynamically edited by our readers.

Vote on the winners of this scientific spoof of Evolution in Action! Our free newsletter brings this wry humor to a large audience. Our reader/philosophers tend to congregate in the Philosophy Forum, where they wax eloquent about the meaning of life, etc.

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Darwin Awards appeal to college students, computer nerds, and a wide range of ages and incomes, with a good mix of new and repeat visitors. About half the readers are women. Demographics available. Log statistics by Wusage.

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