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1999 Darwin Award Winner Confirmed True by Darwin


This is a heartbreaking conversation that will make you sad.


[Internet Relay Chat LOGS 8/13/99]
Contributed by those who were there.

[00:39]<skOt> omng skell
[00:39] <SKeLL> huh
[00:39] <skOt> u will fear whut im about to do
[00:39] <SKeLL> wha wha
[00:39] <SKeLL> heheh
[00:39] <skOt> im gunan hack a street light
[00:39] <skOt> its too damned briht
[00:39] <fudepen> hahah
[00:39] <SKeLL> WTF
[00:39] <skOt> and my sis wants it off
[00:39] <SKeLL> now?!?!?
[00:39] <skOt> so im gunan go unwire it
[00:39] <skOt> :)
[00:39] <SKeLL> now?!?!?
[00:39] <SKeLL> now?!?!?
[00:39] <skOt> yes
[00:39] <skOt> now
[00:39] <SKeLL> now?!?!?
[00:39] <SKeLL> hahahah
[00:39] <fudepen> oh damn
[00:39] <SKeLL> get PICS!
[00:39] <skOt> brb
[00:39] <SKeLL> before and after!
[00:39] <SKeLL> get PICS!
[00:39] <SKeLL> before and after!
[00:39] <skOt> ill tell u if im succeslfull
[00:39] <SKeLL> before and after!
[00:39] <skOt> k
[00:39] <skOt> hehe
[00:39] <skOt> brb

--------------- Hours Later ------------------

[05:16] <Fall0uT-> blah
[05:26] <phloppy> anyone awake?
[05:26] <Fall0uT-> me
[05:26] <phloppy> SKOT DIED
[05:26] <Fall0uT-> i think i'm the only one
[05:26] <Fall0uT-> skots asleep
[05:26] <phloppy> eletrecuted
[05:27] <Fall0uT-> wtf
[05:27] <phloppy> can someone topic that?
[05:27] <phloppy> his mom just called me
[05:27] <phloppy> last night
[05:27] <Fall0uT-> no shit
[05:27] <Fall0uT-> are you shitting me
[05:27] <phloppy> she called this just min ago but it happend last night
[05:27] <phloppy> yeah
[05:27] <Fall0uT-> really
[05:27] <Fall0uT-> somehow i don't believe that
[05:27] <phloppy> let me reset my ip I will be right bck
[05:27] <Fall0uT-> being that i talked to him today
[05:27] <phloppy> its true she just clled me
[05:27] <Fall0uT-> like around 12:30 pm
[05:27] <phloppy> shes callilng agro right now
[05:28] <Fall0uT-> wait
[05:28] <Fall0uT-> shit
[05:28] <Fall0uT-> what happened ?
[05:28] <Fall0uT-> tell me
[05:28] <phloppy> he was helping her sister with her new telescope
[05:28] <phloppy> some street light was too bright so he went wire clipping
[05:28] <Fall0uT-> are you serious
[05:28] <phloppy> my hands are kinda shakey
[05:28] <Fall0uT-> dude
[05:28] <Fall0uT-> thats not funny to talk about
[05:28] <Fall0uT-> are you serious
[05:28] <phloppy> no shit its not
[05:29] <phloppy> agro will probably be on soon
[05:29] <phloppy> I just gave her his number
[05:29] <Fall0uT-> the room is -t
[05:29] <Agro> hmmmmm
[05:29] <phloppy> there
[05:29] <Fall0uT-> afro
[05:29] <phloppy> hey bud
[05:29] <Fall0uT-> agro
[05:29] <Fall0uT-> dude
[05:29] <phloppy> ^_A^_gro: she called you too
[05:29] <Agro> I was sleeping
[05:29] <Agro> It seemed like I was still sleeping
[05:29] <phloppy> I know me too
[05:29] <Agro> it didnt seem real
[05:29] <Fall0uT-> my heart is beating like.. a million miles an hour
[05:29] <Fall0uT-> omg
[05:29] <Fall0uT-> dude
[05:29] <Fall0uT-> this can't be happening
[05:29] <phloppy> fuck I wish youd never come onlin agro.
[05:30] <phloppy> you were my final confirmation
[05:30] <Agro> sorry
[05:30] <phloppy> shit
[05:30] <Fall0uT-> no way
[05:30] <Agro> was anyone with him?
[05:30] <phloppy> this is soo fucked
[05:30] <Fall0uT-> omg
[05:30] <Fall0uT-> omg
[05:30] <Fall0uT-> dude
[05:30] <phloppy> I cant stop crying
[05:30] <Fall0uT-> shit
[05:30] <phloppy> she said he wanted to turn that street light off Skot style
[05:31] <phloppy> those being my words
[05:31] <Fall0uT-> dude
[05:31] <Fall0uT-> wait a minute
[05:31] <phloppy> I dont know what to do
[05:31] <phloppy> ^_A^_gro: can you change the topic?
[05:32] <Fall0uT-> what time was it
[05:32] <Fall0uT-> phloppy it's -t
[05:32] <phloppy> dunno
[05:32] <Fall0uT-> what time did it happen
[05:32] <Fall0uT-> cuz look
[05:32] <phloppy> she said last night
[05:32] <Fall0uT-> <skOt> Gnight all
[05:32] <Fall0uT-> <Fall0uT-> bleh
[05:32] <Fall0uT-> <Fall0uT-> bye skot
[05:32] <Fall0uT-> <blky> wh0rd.
[05:32] <Fall0uT-> <fudepen> skOt: night nite, sleep tight don't let the bedie b ugs bite
[05:32] <Fall0uT-> * fudepen pats skOt on the head and turns out the lights for skOt
[05:32] <Fall0uT-> <Fall0uT-> i'm going to go for a little while
[05:32] <Fall0uT-> <Fall0uT-> bbl
[05:32] <Agro> phloppy: who told you
[05:33] <Fall0uT-> see
[05:33] <Fall0uT-> friday
[05:33] <phloppy> shes in shock so it must have bin this morning
[05:33] <Fall0uT-> in the morning
[05:33] <Fall0uT-> no
[05:33] <Fall0uT-> no
[05:33] <Fall0uT-> dued
[05:33] <Fall0uT-> omg
[05:33] <Fall0uT-> is he in the hostpital
[05:33] <phloppy> look agro cant talk. he doesnt call me al iar
[05:33] <Fall0uT-> hospital
[05:33] <^joker^> ?
[05:33] <phloppy> hes GONE
[05:33] <Fall0uT-> i don't want to believe it
[05:33] <Fall0uT-> omg
[05:34] <phloppy> she said 'we lost skot last night, please tell all his friends'
[05:34] <Fall0uT-> omg
[05:34] <^joker^> am i hearing this right?
[05:34] <Agro> yeah thats basically what was told to me
[05:34] <Fall0uT-> man
[05:34] <Agro> I would think SOMEONE would have to have been with him
[05:34] <Agro> like Jason or something
[05:34] <Agro> or skell
[05:35] <^joker^> this can not be right
[05:35] <Fall0uT-> its not
[05:35] <Fall0uT-> i don't believe it
[05:35] <Fall0uT-> dude
[05:35] <Fall0uT-> shit
[05:35] <Fall0uT-> ugh
[05:37] <Agro> I was thinking if i went to sleep and woke up it wouldnt have happened
[05:37] <Agro> like a bad dream
[05:37] *** Fall0uT- changes topic to 'insert meaningful quote here,, i'm too sh ocked to say anything^O'
[05:37] <Fall0uT-> -t
[05:37] <Agro> because I am still zonked
[05:37] <Fall0uT-> i can't believe it
[05:37] <Fall0uT-> dued
[05:37] <Fall0uT-> i want to wake up
[05:37] <Fall0uT-> this isn't cool
[05:37] <Agro> phloppy: I may call you in a couple hours or not on my way to work
[05:38] <Agro> phloppy: probably not.
[05:38] *** phloppy changes topic to 'Skot passed away , his mom informed phloppy and agro @ 5:30am please dont change topic^O'
[05:38] <Fall0uT-> there you go
[05:38] <Fall0uT-> thanks
[05:38] <phloppy> ^_A^_gro: its ok. Going to call in myself. I cant focus like this. IF I cant focus I cant get shit done
[05:39] <Fall0uT-> dude
[05:39] <Fall0uT-> dude
[05:39] <phloppy> sometimes I wish I had a braindead job
[05:39] <Fall0uT-> i can't believe this
[05:40] <^joker^> o.o
[05:40] <Agro> I will bbl on.
[05:40] <Agro> im goin.
[05:40] <phloppy> ok
[05:40] * Agro has returned. (ooh, that was fun...^_,^O 10h 46m 47s)
[05:40] <phloppy> go to work
[05:40] <^joker^> bye agro
[05:40] <Agro> no its not work time for a few hrs
[05:40] <phloppy> no need for you to lose 2 thigns
[05:40] <^joker^> phloppy she jes called
[05:40] <^joker^> ?
[05:40] <Agro> i am just going.
[05:40] <Agro> anyhow.
[05:40] <Fall0uT-> shit
[05:40] <phloppy> chrissy bakc?
[05:40] <Fall0uT-> bye agro
[05:40] <Agro> not yet
[05:41] <Agro> tomarrow morning
[05:41] <Agro> i already calledher
[05:41] <phloppy> ^_A^_gro: give her a call
[05:41] <phloppy> k
[05:41] <Agro> she didnt believe me
[05:41] <phloppy> hehehe shes the optimistic one at least
[05:41] <Agro> i said "Girl, you honestly think I would be up this early and bother calling you??"
[05:41] <phloppy> hehehe
[05:41] <phloppy> I have to call rusty and let him know
[05:42] <Agro> wait till morning
[05:42] <phloppy> yah
[05:42] <phloppy> those guys at beach paint will want to know too
[05:42] <Agro> ok im gone
[05:42] <phloppy> take care
[05:42] <phloppy> I am going too
[05:42] <Agro> u2
[05:43] <Fall0uT-> fuck
[05:43] <Fall0uT-> i can't believe this
[05:43] <phloppy> Will give out funeral info for skot when I get them. Please leave a msg if you want to know
[05:43] <Fall0uT-> phloppy i want them
[05:43] <Fall0uT-> when you get em
[05:44] <phloppy> msg me your #
[05:44] <^joker^> phloppy the funeral takes place at a church right?
[05:44] <^joker^> & burial at cemetary?
[05:45] <Fall0uT-> phloppy did you get it
[05:45] <phloppy> yes
[05:45] <Fall0uT-> ok
[05:45] <Fall0uT-> shit
[05:45] <Fall0uT-> i have to go
[05:45] <Fall0uT-> i can't think
[05:45] <phloppy> me neither
[05:45] <Fall0uT-> i can't stop crying now
[05:45] <Fall0uT-> it just hit me
[05:45] <phloppy> ok monitor is too bright
[05:46] <phloppy> yah me too
[05:46] <phloppy> be back soon
[05:46] <phloppy> bye
[05:46] <Fall0uT-> see you later
[05:46] <Fall0uT-> i'm gonna go to
[05:46] <^joker^> im outta here...
[05:46] <Fall0uT-> bye joker
[05:46] <^joker^> bye
[05:46] <Fall0uT-> goodbye skot.. i'll miss you

Submitted by: Goat Lover, Adam Joo, A. Firth-Reznor, Matt Redden, Electron
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