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2010 At-Risk Survivor

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Anchor Bomb
2010 At-Risk Survivor
Unconfirmed by Darwin

(Date Unknown, Russia) Shiver me timbers! A man from Logmozero, Karelia, a village in northwestern Russia, was brought to the attention of police when concerned neighbors realized he was using a World War II aviation bomb as an anchor for his boat. Bomb experts said the 25 kilogram curiosity was in working order, and easily could have been triggered by an incautious action, sending shrapnel flying 500 meters from the epicenter. The detonator was missing, and a metal hook had been hammered into the device by the owner so that he could attach anchor chain to it.

Darwin says, " 'Semi-confirmed' because the media source is a website "Only in Russia" about the strange things Russians do. Additional confirmation is sought.


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Submitted by: Jim

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