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2002 At-Risk Survivor

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I Shot the Sheriff
2002 At-Risk Survivor
Confirmed True by Darwin

(19 March 2002, Ohio) "Shots fired, shots fired -- I'm hit," a police chief radioed to headquarters. The 52-year-old officer reported that he'd been shot in the leg during an incident that began as a routine traffic stop.

He had pulled over a rusted Chevrolet missing its license plates, but before he could emerge from his police cruiser, the driver had opened fire and put a bullet through the cruiser's windshield. The suspect then charged the chief, who was shot in the leg during the ensuing struggle.

A statewide manhunt was launched to locate the gunman, described as a white, bearded male, 6' 4" tall and weighing 195 pounds.

One week later, the law enforcement team nabbed their man: the police chief himself, who confessed to fabricating the entire event to hide a blunder. He had accidentally fired his rifle through the windshield of his police car. To cover up that mistake, he drove out to a county road, radioed in for help, and fired his weapon to make it sound like there was trouble at the scene of a traffic stop. Then he accidentally fired his weapon again, striking his own leg.

To inadvertently discharge a weapon once might be considered a simple accident, but twice earns this police chief an At-Risk Survivor. Had that shot ricocheted... he might have won a Darwin Award instead!

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Submitted by: Dave Temple, Greg
Reference: Cleveland / Akron Channel 5 News

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