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2000 At-Risk Survivor

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Bodacious Bud
2000 At-Risk Survivor
Unconfirmed by Darwin

(Indiana) A man had the good fortune to raise a healthy marijuana plant in his back yard. But then tragedy struck. He received a phone call from the authorities, saying he was busted but they would not press charges if he brought the bush into the station. Roots and all. So he sadly hacked his 8-foot annual down and carried it into the lobby of the Sheriff's office, where startled officers took him into custody for suspected felony cultivation. Turns out the phone call was a prank.

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Submitted by: Rob, Carole Hollaman
, Kyle
Reference: Indiana Bedford Times-Mail


Larry Cox says, "The story is true! It was run on local TV stations just a month ago. They had the actual cops involved on TV. Boy was that guy a maroon."

Merrill T Slaven says, "This story is real. I live in Indiana and can confirm it. However, the phone call was NOT a prank. It was later discovered that police had been tipped off, but did not have enough evidence for a search warrant. So in fact the police did call him and, to cover their involvement, blamed it on a prank call. Just shows the depths law enforcement will go to to circumvent the law."

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