The Darwin Awards

2000 At-Risk Survivor

At-Risk Survivors have misadventures that stop short of the ultimate sacrifice. Nevertheless we salute the spirit of their colossal blunders with an Honorable Mention. Better luck next time!

I Just Flicked My Bic!
2000 At-Risk Survivor
Confirmed True by Darwin

(28 February 2000, Delaware) A Dover man filled his portable propane bottle at a service station, placed the bottle on the floor of the passenger's side, and drove home. As he was driving, the nicotine blues hit him hard. He had to have that smoke. Unfortunately for him, he had only partially sealed the propane bottle's shutoff valve. Our hero flicked his bic, and we had lift-off... of the sunroof and windows in his car! Our astronaut didn't make it into outer space this time, but he did manage a ride on the helicopter that airlifted him to the hospital for treatment of his burned hands and face.

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Submitted by: Eyewitness Ed Bates, G. Jarboe, Ronald

Reference: The Dover Post

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